What is YouTube Shorts? All About YouTube Features

YouTube Shorts is a new YouTube feature that could become a competitor to the TikTok app. All thanks to interesting content that is easily presented. How to create your own YouTube shorts? We answer!

YouTube Shorts, in the simplest terms, is the platform’s answer to competition from TikTok, Facebook coverage, or Instagram Stories. The trend of short content has increased so much that every giant has even been forced to introduce something similar to keep the viewer’s attention.. Find all the information you need to know about this feature in this article!

What are YouTube shorts and how do they work?

The easiest way to describe YouTube shorts is an endless library of short videos, designed to be viewed on smartphones. This section was officially created on July 14, 2021, and from here you can save and watch vertical videos on our phones on the YouTube platform. YouTube shorts aim to increase the interaction with your viewers due to the lightweight form of the recordings. Traditional videos on the YouTube platform are usually prepared well in advance, while “shorts” are materials that look like “vlogs”, that is, a loose report recorded quickly, without too much of planning.

This is the function of the application to watch short films

Videos can be up to 60 seconds long, so you need to be brief. When watching YouTube Shorts, we can see a lot of different content. Creators produce a variety of content, both fun and popular science. The most exact word is that everyone will find something for themselves here. There are so many films created that it is impossible for them to end. The scrolling effect ensures that you won’t get bored while watching YouTube Shorts. The materials are selected by an algorithm that analyzes our attention, on which films we spend the most time.

YouTube Shorts: app support

Using YouTube Shorts apps and features is completely simple and intuitive, and even looks like competitors TikTok or Instagram Reels, for example. If we have the YouTube app on our phone, we also automatically have access to the Shorts feature. When you open the application, on the left side, at the bottom of the screen, there is a “Shorts” button – click on it and you will immediately see the first video.

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To browse the material, just swipe up and the app will immediately suggest a new movie. When we look at “shorts”, we can like them in one click, dislike it, leave your comment and even share it externally – for example on Facebook. There is also an option to subscribe to a feed. If you want to save content to YouTube Shorts, you can use the Copy Soundtrack from Another Movie feature.. However, if some content does not match your taste, you can disable the promotion of this content in additional options.

How to Create a YouTube Short Video?

Recording material on YouTube Shorts is certainly not a complicated subject. Before starting, it should be added that in order to record a video and publish it, you must be registered and logged in to the YouTube platform. Let’s start. Enter the “Shorts” function in the app, then click the camera pictogram in the upper right corner. YouTube will immediately launch your camera and, if you haven’t already, it will ask you to access your camera and microphone.

After accepting the use of our camera by the application, you can immediately start recording the material using the front or rear camera. If you want to switch cameras, you can always pause recording and switch modes. Once your recordings are complete, the video editing view will open. You will also receive the ability to put music under the clipprovided by YouTube. There were also additional effects directly from TikTokduring editing, you can apply a filter to make your movie more attractive. You can also superimpose various inscriptions.

The next and at the same time the last step is to accept the registration. To do this, just press the “Next” button. A window will appear where you need to complete the title of your video. The next steps are to choose the dedicated audience for the movie you created! Ready! What else, if you already have the material ready, you can also publish itso you don’t necessarily need to record from the app. The most important rule is the duration of 60 seconds!

Monetizing YouTube Shorts – Is It Possible?

Making money is quite a problematic issue. Theoretically, the “shorts” are on YouTube, and you can make profits on this platform. Unfortunately, we will not be generating any revenue using YouTube Shorts at this time.. That doesn’t mean the creators were completely deprived of any opportunity, though. The YouTube Shorts Fund has been made available in our country, which has a lot of capital, amounting to 100 million dollars.

The accumulated money is used to reward the best and most interesting creators. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the video must be unique in some way and also be very popular. Eligible channels on the platform can earn between $100 and $10,000 each month. It’s worth adding that while it’s not a common way to reward like it is with traditional materials, that doesn’t mean that YouTube Shorts won’t implement a monetization plan in the future.

YouTube Shorts – how to disable videos?

When we enter the YouTube applications, scrolling through the news among our subscriptions, we will surely see about ten short videos of YouTube Shorts. If we are annoyed by the fact that we receive such offers while using the application, we can quickly deactivate them! The first step we need to do is find the section with Featured Shorts YouTube Videos.

Looking at “shorts” you can find many interesting materials

There will be at least a few proposals in the slider. To remove these materials, click with your finger on the pictogram of three points placed on the thumbnail of each film. Then click on “I am not interested”. The next step is to click on all the proposals in the same way. It will take some time, but after deleting a dozen videos, new ones will stop appearing. Ready! By marking them all as “I’m not interested”, you get rid of YouTube Shorts videos.

TikTok vs YouTube Shorts – which is better?

Theoretically, we can say that TikTok and YouTube Shorts are quite similar. In fact, the two apps look alike. However, it should be noted that YouTube Shorts is just one feature, while TikTok is a completely separate app. Although you will encounter sister content on both platforms, there are a few differences between the apps. The most important of them are:

  • The operation of YouTube is poorer with, for example, AR functions, as well as various effects, overlays that can be found on TikTok;
  • no possibility to send a private message to the creator;
  • complete non-monetization in the case of TikTok.

Content posted on YouTube looks similar, but you can immediately see that TikTok is more developed when it comes to additional effects and content. It is difficult to clearly define which platform will be the best – it all depends on the content we prefer.

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Do you watch YouTube shorts? Or maybe you use it to share your documents? Show yourself in the comments.

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