Buses to Ukraine full of passengers heading home

Buses currently departing to Ukraine from Lublin station are full of passengers returning to their home countries. The interest is so great that some people fail to get in and wait for the next bus. Since the beginning of the war, about 780 thousand. people left for Ukraine through the Lublin border crossing points.

Spokesperson for the Bug River Border Guard Department, Capt. Dariusz Sienicki informed PAP that from February 24, at the Lublin border crossing points with Ukraine, a total of almost 2.5 million people were allowed in, of which about 1.7 million arrived in Poland. , and about 780,000 departing for Ukraine.

“The situation at the Polish-Ukrainian crossing points is stable. Daily traffic is at the level of about 20,000 travelers crossing the border in both directions. It is more or less halfway between the entry and border traffic has increased, sometimes it happens that the same people cross the border quite often, for example to go shopping.Ukrainian citizens still bring used cars to their country.There are also cases of refugees returning to Ukraine “- said Cpt. Sienicki.

A large wave of Ukrainian refugees returning to their homes can be seen at the Lublin bus station. The chairman of Lubelskie Dworce SA, Andrzej Wójtowicz, told PAP that buses to Ukraine are leaving at 80-100%. seat occupancy and trunks are filled to the brim. As he reported, it was mainly women with children and elderly people who fled Ukraine after February 24 who returned home.

“On the other hand, buses from Ukraine arrive in Lublin with 25-50% occupancy, and at first glance they are not strictly war refugees, but people trying to lead a normal life, enjoy duty-free traffic or work in Poland. We can say that the exodus of Ukrainian refugees is practically over “- noted Wójtowicz.

The coordinator of the assistance point at the Lublin bus station, Mirosław Kopiński, also confirmed that currently more travelers go to Ukraine than to Poland. “Among them there are, for example, even people from Mariupol who go home, which is no longer there. They say that they just want to go home, despite the fact that they have nothing to do, but there are still family, husband and work there. Sometimes people can’t get on the bus because it’s already full” – underlined Kopiński, adding that there are still isolated cases of refugees arriving in Poland. He reported that about 10 people are sent out every day at night.

On Thursday afternoon, Natalia was waiting for the bus to Lviv with her two young sons. When asked where she was from, her son initially replied, “I’m from Ukraine.” “We fled from fear at the start of the war. We lived in a center near Radom for three months. We come back, because now it’s a little safer. Preferably at home, my husband is waiting for us there. . I hope to return to work in kindergarten “- said Natasza.

In turn, Olena was returning to kyiv by bus, having spent the last weeks in Spain with friends. “I’m coming back because my mother is sick. She has cancer. My family and my husband are waiting for me there. For now, the capital is safe, but we don’t know if we won’t be attacked by the Russians again ” – noted Olena, who worked in a bank before the war.

Tatiana, 67, who arrived in Poland at the start of the war, was waiting for the bus to Kowal. Before retiring, she worked in the garden of the owners of the dacha, that is, a house outside the city. “I wanted to go to Ukraine yesterday, but there was no room inside, even though I had bought a ticket. I hope today will be done,” said the elderly woman, loaded with suitcases.

Meanwhile, 56-year-old Swietłana was waiting at the station for a bus to the town of Kostopol, where she is from. She explained that due to the war, she had recently lived with her family in Poland, but her son and grandson had already returned to Ukraine. “My son is going to war, and I will take care of his child. He has already been at the front and participated in anti-terrorist operations, since 2014. However, I am very worried about him. My friends’ son also went He was somewhere around Mikołajowa and there has been no contact with him for two months now,” added the Ukrainian.

Friday marks 100 days since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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