CodeGym – a platform to learn Java in Polish

How to start learning Java programming? It’s easy with CodeGym, among other things thanks to the Polish lessons.

Why should you learn Java

There are plenty of reasons to learn Java programming – even if you’re a complete beginner. The ability to program in general is one of the most sought-after skills in the job market today. Java, on the other hand, is one of the most popular programming languages. It is therefore logical that a good Java programmer can even choose between job offers. It is a future-oriented profession, and at the same time very well paid (the salary of programmers with only one year of experience can reach 7-8 thousand gross zlotys). Moreover, it should be kept in mind that Java is a language that has a reputation for being reliable, versatile and, moreover, known for its so-called backward compatibility. This means it works with older systems. Java is used to create a variety of platforms and applications for a variety of devices – laptops, computers, game consoles, GPS systems, medical monitoring devices, parking meters, etc. devices.

Such versatility means that the language is not only fascinating and unique, but also offers many opportunities for specialization. It should be noted that Android applications are created in Java, which opens the door to the world of mobile application development. Of course, learning to program in Java isn’t the easiest thing to do, but literally anyone can learn the language – even someone with no computer background. Although anyone can learn Java, many people will sooner or later encounter many difficulties on their way.

CodeGym - a platform to learn Java in Polish

Top Problems When Learning Java

The most frequently mentioned problems when learning Java include:

  • No time – this factor was mentioned mainly by people who have to combine learning programming with work (and often full time). Often, these people simply cannot reconcile the class schedule at the programming academy with their work schedule. In such a situation, an online Java course can be a good solution. Distance learning has long ceased to be a surprise, and now even public universities offer many different courses that can be taken online. The online Java programming course does not differ a bit from the traditional courses. Moreover, by choosing this form of learning, you can learn Java from anywhere and at any time of the day. It is an extremely practical solution that will allow many people who want to learn Java without having to give up their current job.
  • no practice – many programming courses, both face-to-face and online, have too much theory compared to practice. Yes, when you learn Java from scratch, you need to understand general definitions of terms like methods, objects, arrays, classes, loops, etc., but practice is the most important thing! You can’t learn programming without practicing with live examples. I need to write some code. Java training, essentially based on practical courses (up to 80%), is offered for example by the Codegym platform.
  • No motivation – very often students who start the java course from scratch get discouraged quite quickly. This is because the way a language is taught is confusing, confusing, overly theoretical, or just plain boring. Therefore, before deciding on a specific course, it is worth following its curriculum and determining whether this form of learning is suitable for us. An interesting solution is the Java for beginners course available on the CodeGym platform. It is gamified and organized in the form of a quest. Thanks to this, learning happens through entertainment and students are able to remember much more of the lessons they have learned.
  • There are no sources in Polish – offers of programming courses can now be multiplied. There are a lot of them, but many of them are courses that take place only in English. The lack of Polish sources is another obstacle faced by people learning Java programming. One of the courses available in Polish is the Java course offered by CodeGym. It should be added that this was the first course on the market to appear in the Polish language version.

The popularity of Java in Poland

Java, next to Python, is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in Poland. Moreover, according to research by BulldogJob, Java was ranked first in the list of top programming languages.

The main programming language - Java

The popularity of the language is due to many factors, but it should be added that Java has a strong community that can provide support while learning. These are among others:

  • Largest StackOverflow community
  • Largest meetup community (there are over 1,400 Java Meetup groups with a total of over 580,000 members worldwide)
  • Most tagged language on GitHub (over 1.5 million Java projects are available on GitHub)

Key Features of CodeGym

Why is it worth taking the Java course offered on the Codegym platform? Here are some reasons:

fully online – to start the course, it is not necessary to wait several weeks or even months for the formation of the group. On the CodeGym platform, you can learn from anywhere in the world, anytime! At a pace that suits the user.

Level zero free – Codegym offers its users the opportunity to learn at level 0 absolutely free. Thereafter, monthly fees are $49 for Premium subscription and $99 for Premium Pro, or $499 per year for Premium and $999 per year for Premium Pro, respectively. A free Android app is also available.

In fixed and mobile version – CodeGym’s Java course is available for desktop and mobile devices. CodeGym app for Android can be downloaded here –

80% of practical tasks – the course consists of 1200 practical tasks and the first task already appears in 1 lesson. CodeGym offers a total of over 500 hours of Java practice.

Virtual mentor – the solutions are checked by a virtual teacher (program) and the student receives the results immediately after submitting the task. The virtual tutor gives recommendations on the solution, helps to correct errors and also gives you a clear list of requirements on what to do.

Interesting new teaching techniques – visualization, storytelling, motivation, games and many other modern technologies – all this is offered in the Codegym course. They make the learning process more fun. All of this makes learning fun.

Integration with IntelliJ IDE – CodeGym teaches students to work in one of the most popular modern IDEs: IntelliJ IDE. To this end, the platform offers a series of lessons and teaching guides. And most importantly, a special plugin for the IDE has been created. CodeGym tasks can be performed directly in the IDE.

Strong Java Community – A large community of like-minded people is always ready to help someone who is “stuck” on one of the tasks.

Designed for developers by programmers – the course offered is written by programmers and therefore coding techniques are taught in the correct order for beginners.

Clear structure – CodeGym includes 600 lessons explaining the theory. Each of them explains a topic, thanks to which the student can concentrate on a single topic.

Prepare for future work – In addition to in-depth knowledge of Java, the CodeGym course offers targeted preparation for job interviews.

Multilingual versions – Complete Java Programming Course is available in English, Polish, Chinese, Hindi, German and French.

The benefits of programming skills are huge. Given the universality and popularity of Java, starting to learn programming in this language is one of the best choices leading to the world of computing. The key to learning Java is practice and consistency, which can easily be entertained. You can start your journey with the basics of Java by signing up to CodeGym. Completing the first task is completely free, so you can try out the course before moving on to the next quests. CodeGym makes learning Java fun for beginners. See for yourself by visiting CodeGym today.

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