Glass houses. The latest technologies make it possible to provide ever larger windows

Large glazing in the building provides excellent exposure of the view outside the window, allows you to enjoy plenty of daylight and gives the body lightness and character. Architects are therefore eager to design them and are increasingly chosen by investors.

However, installing huge glazing requires the use of advanced technology. Their durability, correct assembly as well as energy-saving parameters are important. The latest solutions are successfully introduced to the market by Multiko Windows Architecture. Today we take a look at his most interesting projects.

House near Krakow

In “Dom pod Krakowem”, designed by the Mobius Architekci studio, the sheer size of the windows is impressive. The tallest measures 8 meters, while the widest measures 11 meters. Used in this design thin frame (without frame) the solution allowed the loss of the boundary between the interior of the building and the world around it. Also interesting is the architecture of the windows, thanks to which the glazing becomes a functional decoration of the apartment. This type of window is perfect for rooms where we want natural light to be an integral part of our space. In order to maximize the effect of the spaciousness of the room, Multiko Architektura Okna recommends such thin frame windows in which the width of the visible profiles is only 25 mm.

House near Krakow by Mobius Architekci studio, a glass wall illuminates the rooms, spacious windows at the same time connect and separate the interior of the building with the environment

lighting house

The “Lighting House” project by the architectural office 77 STUDIO is, for its part, proof of the great possibilities offered by aluminum window joinery. Thanks to the huge windows on the ground floor and the mirror cube placed on the first floor, the body of the building has gained in lightness, and the reflections of the trees melt it into the immediate environment of the forest. The new generation of mullion and transom facades and semi-structural links with a width of only 16 mm have made it possible to obtain the impression of a homogeneous glass texture. The glazing is nearly 3.5 meters high and 12 meters wide.

Lighting house – thin window frames delicately draw the boundaries between the house and nature, innovative technologies of Multiko Architecture of Windows allowed the implementation of 3.4 m high glazing with a width of up to at 12 meters

In these two investments, the specialists of Multiko have combined the glass in the system in a minimalist framework glass to glass. Thanks to this solution, they created a long series of windows, between which the connection is almost invisible. At the same time, they reduced the tare of the entire glass structure and thus improved the Lt parameter (Light transmittance)responsible for bringing natural light inside the rooms.

– Until recently, a fully glazed or meter-high wall without glass partitions in spacious living rooms appeared in a few projects. Today, large-format thin-framed windows are a desirable solution in most villas. This is a constant trend, which is reinforced by increasingly advanced technologies – says Maciej Mazgaj, co-owner of Multiko Windows Architecture.

The glass house

Another interesting solution was introduced in the “Glass House” project, which is being built in northern Poland. In order to fully implement the “minimum aluminum, maximum glass” plan, in addition to the long glass walls, glazing has been made that connects at the corners. It’s a combination glazed corner. It can be convex (outer corner) or concave (inner corner). This system is possible thanks to the company’s use of gluing the glass at different angles, also at 90 degrees.

The glass corner can have the form of a typical connection with an aluminum corner profile or be completely made of glass – the so-called glass corner

Connections glass to glass and corner of glassoffered by Multiko Architecture Windows can be used in any room – living room, bedroom, office or bathroom. Modern profiles and glass in the carpentry of windows allow to obtain very good thermal parameters that will meet current standards. Remember, however, that to install large glazing, the entire building must be properly designed and suitable for large format windows.

House in Upper Silesia

The glazing of the house consists not only of permanently installed windows, but also of patio doors and sliding windows. Sliding doors were installed in the project “Dom na Górnym Śląsku” from the studio Małeccy Biuro Projektowe HS-type up to 3 meters high. This was possible thanks to the use of special aluminum profiles. Such a window rolls freely on bogies and the force required to move the frame is small.

Thanks to the thresholdless installation, the tenants of the house do not have to overcome the barrier in the form of a protruding running track. It should be noted that such solutions help eliminate architectural barriers and facilitate the movement of people with reduced mobility.

HS in the Upper Silesian house of Małeccy Biuro Projektowe is a comfortable sliding door with a height of 3 meters

When designing this type of terrace windows, however, it should be taken into account that they require profile systems with a special structure. On the other hand, we bring ourselves even more daylight inside the house, and we can also reconcile the modern appearance of the building with the functionality of use. It is also a way to save space inside the room, because you do not need to set aside extra space to open the door leaf.

house to be x-rayed

As you can easily guess, installing such large glazing in buildings can be a real challenge. This is why Multiko uses measurements with a 3D scanner. Solid modeling allows you to digitize the entire building, not just window openings, thanks to which designers receive a complete three-dimensional image. They can then analyze every inch of the space in which the window joinery will be installed.

Integration of a three-dimensional image with BIM technology (Creation of information representation systems) gives a wide range of possibilities. Appropriate programs allow you to identify weak points in the construction and adjust the windows to a specific building that is already standing.

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The source: Multiko window architecture

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