School police chief doesn’t know about 911 calls

Yuvalde, Texas (AB) – Commanding officer at the shooting site at Wolde Elementary School, TexasA Texas senator said Thursday there were no reports of panicked 911 calls from students trapped in the building after the massacre.

Requests for help from students at Rob Elementary School Sen. Said Roland Gutierrez On May 24, the school did not go to District Police Chief Pete Aradonto. The Democratic senator said Aradonto was not notified of a “systemic failure” despite calls from city police.

“I would especially like to know who responds to 911 calls,” Guterres told a news conference, adding that no one person or company was entirely responsible for the killings.

However, he admitted their numbers were not enough to defeat Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

“There was a mistake at all levels, including at the legislative level. There’s a lot to blame for Greg Abbott in all of this,” Guterres said.

19 children and two teachers were killed in the attack At Rob Elementary School, the worst school shooting in nearly a decade. seventeen more They were injured. Funeral services for the dead Started this week.

Abbott ordered the state this week He called on the legislature to convene the school district’s safety audit in person and call an assembly to issue recommendations on school safety and gun ownership, mental health and other issues.

The next session of the Texas Assembly is scheduled for January 2023. Guterres was one of many lawmakers who urged Abbott to call a special session in response to the shooting.

The shooter, Salvador Ramos, 18, spent around 80 minutes Inside the school, more than an hour had passed since the first officers followed him into the building and he was killed by law enforcement.

Since the shooting, law enforcement and government officials have struggled to provide exact times and details of the event. And how the police reacted, sometimes giving contradictory information or withdrawing certain reports after a few hours. State police said some reports were preliminary and could change as more witnesses are interviewed.

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Much attention has been focused on Arredonto. Steven McGrath, head of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said Aradonto believed the situation had been held hostage and made the “bad decision” of not ordering officers to try to break into the room. class when the 911 calls came in.

Guterres said it was unclear if details of the 911 calls were shared with law enforcement officials from multiple companies at the scene.

“Wolde PD responded to 911 calls in 45 minutes, while officers sat in the hallway and 19 officers sat in the hallway for 45 minutes,” António Guterres said. “We don’t know if it was reported to these people or not.”

But the senator said the state emergency communications committee said the school district police chief was unaware.

“She is the commander-in-chief. He did not receive any 911 calls,” Guterres said.

Wolverine Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez and a department spokesman did not respond to calls or emails from The Associated Press on Thursday.

In 2019, police communication was also an issue A sniper shot seven people and injured more than two dozen in a shootout in Odessa, Texas. Seth Aaron, 36, called 911 before and after the shooting, but lack of communication between officers — who are not all on the same radio channel — slowed the response, officials said. The attar was able to travel about 10 miles before officers shot him.


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