The bank asks me the source of my income, and since July the tax office asks for a broad overview of the accounts of citizens

Yesterday, after logging into e-banking, I was greeted with a surprising message about mandatory survey participation. I took a screenshot as a precaution, but today I found an article in Rzeczpospolita informing about the introduction of more extensive tax rights on our accounts from July 1st. It is impossible not to combine these facts.

Let’s start with the said Rzeczpospolita article. From July 1, the rights of tax authorities to inspect citizens’ bank accounts will change significantly. Until now, banks were required to provide, at the request of the head of the national tax administration, detailed data on the accounts and financial flows of customers with the status of suspected financial fraudsters. From the summer holidays, it will apply to any natural person against whom proceedings, even preparatory, are carried out.

Also, such a written request can be made to banks not only by the head of the state tax administration, but also by the heads of customs and tax offices.

The head of the National Revenue Administration, Bartosz Zbaraszczuk, reassures that this does not change much:

Taxpayers need not worry about abusing the change introduced, as during the period of the regulations already in force, no abuse was found. Data provided by banks are protected by tax secrecy, which is regulated in detail by the provisions of the Tax Ordinance.

Rzeczpospolita asked specialists about their assessment of these changes, one of them – tax adviser Dariusz Malinowski, expressed concern about this extension of the powers of the tax authorities, which are already significant, so it is difficult for him to justify the next. In turn, lawyer and tax consultant Dr. Jacek Matarewicz points out that the tax office already has access to payments and payments from natural persons, so little will change for us.

An example is a citizen who sold online on auction portals, and after analyzing the frequency of payments on his account, the tax office proved that he conducts undeclared business in a professional, organized and continuous manner .

However, such a procedure probably took place following a report of a reasonable suspicion of irregularities. In turn, from July, changes to the law will allow continuous cash flow monitoring of all citizens, even without suspect status. However, this would require considerable resources and work, unless the banks themselves could pre-screen potential abuses.

So now on to my mandatory survey that I had to complete in order to use my bank account. My bank here refers to Law on the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorismbut the law has been in effect for several years and I have never been asked to do so before.

The second bulleted part, in fact, probably refers to this act, but updating the bank’s knowledge of my declared source of income will allow me and other citizens who receive such an inquiry to qualify correctly, for such follow-up.

In this survey, the bank asks what is the source of the main income, i.e. whether it results from an employment contract, running a business, etc. For this I had to indicate if I hold a low level or a high level position – only these two options were available and exactly what profession I am doing now.

If my statement coincides with the account history, and therefore my cash flow more or less coincides with the main reported source of income, my account would appear to be safe.

I suspect that was not the case, hence the investigation in my case. Today I posed the question to my friends and colleagues in the editorial staff, none of them had ever received such a mandatory questionnaire to fill out. I think this is due to the fact that I had two bank accounts for several years, but several months ago I started using the second one, to which I linked my main account.

Together with my partner, we transfer a specific amount of money to him every month, to the so-called “outgoing fund”. It is indeed an exit fund, but will such movements on the account be the basis of a preparatory procedure and a complete control by the tax authorities? From July 1 – by all means.

Source: Rzeczpospolita.
Image from Depositphotos.

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