What hasn’t school taught us? Sample Lists of Adults

It is said that a person is a lifelong learner and gains the most experience by making mistakes. Many of us will probably agree, but how much nerves and stress could we avoid if we were prepared earlier for adult life outside of school walls? What did the teachers fail to tell us?

They didn’t talk about it at school

In biology lessons we learn the phases of mitosis and meiosis, in history we learn about the battles that took place in ancient Greece, in physics we calculate the speed at which a train will travel from one point A to point B, and in mathematics we solve complex problems. unknown problems. Knowing more about many topics can broaden our knowledge, but it tells us little about real life. Perhaps only some of the curiosities that will remain in our heads after many years will be useful in solving crosswords or during our performance in “Millionaires”.

Adults have many answers to the question “What school didn’t teach us”. – I wish I was in school I did not learn how to complete the PIT and start a business – says Arkadiusz, 34, an entrepreneur.

– I remember in high school I had the subject of entrepreneurship, where throughout the semester students would show their presentations on a given topic and at the end hand out sheets of paper with a summary of what they were saying. During this time, the teacher was finishing the journal or going about her own business, so she didn’t necessarily control what the students reported, and the rest of the class didn’t listen to what was being said. At that time, it seemed cool to us teenagers, because we had a moment to ourselves, where we could, for example, do homework for another subject. But years later, I really regret that those lessons were like this, because when I finished school, I had no idea how to fill out the PIT tax return. So far, I don’t know, I ask for accounting help every year – admitted Arek.

Another problem related to the lack of factual knowledge arose when the 34-year-old wanted to start a business.

– If I had known the procedures for creating and managing my own business, I would not have decided to do it – he said. – Calculate costs, issue invoices, hire and collaborate with employeesthese are really complicated things. In the first months of my business, I only made mistakes, a the accountant held her head. And I know that the theoretical lesson in high school under the slogan “How to start a business” may not teach me much, because it would be dry rules that I would have to rewrite from a blackboard on a notebook, then put on a test and forget, but this knowledge can be imparted in many other ways. It was possible to invite a few entrepreneurs who run smaller and larger businesses to the lesson, to tell us what it looks like in reality, in practice. It is this practical knowledge that I did not learn much in school and I had very good grades. Being a good student in school does not mean becoming a resourceful adult – Arkadiusz pointed out.

Grzegorz, 27, answered the question “What has school failed to teach him?”, answered without hesitation. – School didn’t teach me… to live – he said.

– I know what processes take place in the leaf of the plant, but I did not take professional first aid courses during my studies. I had a theory lesson when the teacher showed the ghost what to do. Did this teach me anything? Not. This single lesson, while I was watching what the teacher was doing, gave me nothing. Now if someone passed out on the street or witnessed an accident, I wouldn’t know how to help them. – admitted Grzegorz.

– In my opinion, the school does not keep up with the evolution of technology or social media over time. It is not suitable for the current generation. Education is about learning the theory, but we are not given the tools to use it. Teachers rush with the curriculum and flood students with tests. I get it, it’s their job they have to do, because then they’re held accountable for it. On the other hand, students spend their nights learning only to get a good grade. In two days, they no longer remember what they used to recite fluently before. The problem is that the system is overloaded with so many unnecessary problems that are absolutely not useful in adulthood. I discovered it for myself – sums up the 27-year-old.

Which adults have not learned in school?

– I regret that there were no psychology lessons at school or at least meetings with the school teacher – admits Matylda, 30 years old.

She graduated from high school with a red-striped certificate that she could proudly show off to her family, but quickly realized that grades in real life didn’t really matter.

– I’ve been in therapy for years, because I couldn’t take the pressure mentally. Just as I wanted to be the best in school, later in my studies and at work, I also wanted to stand out. If, during so many years of school, someone said to me, “Hey, Matylda, you don’t have to do everything 100%”, maybe this thought would germinate in me. In my opinion, the school lacks such a human approach to the student, talks about the problems of adolescents, talks about adolescence, about what awaits us in the future. School didn’t teach me many things – how to build self-esteem, how to feel good about my body, how to develop healthy relationships with people, with a partner. Someone can say that’s what our parents should teach us to do. Of course, I agree with that, but these issues should not be minimized or neglected by the school. School, like parents, shapes us. In addition, parents often lack psychological knowledge and are unable to explain the mechanisms involved. That’s why I believe it it is important to conduct psychological workshops with young peopleso that later, like me, they do not find themselves in a state of crisis in therapy – said the 30-year-old.

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