What TV to buy, how many Poles have large TVs

The research was conducted on a representative group 1027 people aged 18 to 75, from March 1 to March 15, 2022. It shows that 97 percent. Polish households have a television and more than half of them have two or more. We use different types of TV entertainment: first, we watch traditional TV, streaming and VoD services (78.3% of respondents) and discover the world (75.9%).

Although the Internet continues to develop, for more than 40 percent Poles television remains the main source of information. Also more than 40 percent Parents who have children under the age of 13 use a television for entertainment or to occupy their children, the study indicates.

At the same time, however more than 20 percent of us admits that thanks to television she feels less alone. Televisions are also used today as audio equipment – for listening to music (this is indicated by more than 8% of respondents).

– A contemporary TV is a home entertainment center. Thanks to the Internet connection, a wide range of applications and the availability of many streaming services, it offers many possibilities. Films, series, news and entertainment programs, sports, children’s programs – all this is readily available today, and modern technologies used in modern televisions – such as the Ambilight backlight system, self- machine learning or artificial intelligence used to optimize image quality, ensure exceptional experiences – he comments Marcin Habzda, general director TP Vision in Poland (the company owns the Philips TV & Sound brand).

Television against pandemic: almost nothing has changed

For half of Poles, the time spent watching television during confinement compared to the period before the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t changed much. On the other hand, 40%. of respondents say they have spent more time watching television, and 9 percent. – that less. During the pandemic, we used streaming platforms the most (admittedly 41.3% respondents), then we used TVs for gaming (17.7% asked), listening to music and the radio (17.4%) or watching films on VoD (17.3%).

During a pandemic a third of Polish TV viewers bought a new TV. The most frequently mentioned reasons for such a decision are the failure of the old device and the desire to have a newer and better model.

What are Poles guided on when buying a new TV? First of all, the price, the size and the high resolution of the screen, the sound quality and the technical possibilities – the study shows this. He highlighted these elements more than 90 percent respondents. Before deciding to buy a new TV, we most often look for information on comparison sites (55.2% indications) by reading user reviews (53.4%)advice is sought from salespeople in stores and showrooms (43.5% of respondents answered), friends and family are consulted (38.7 percent). Environmental issues are also becoming more and more important – we are more inclined to choose more energy-efficient televisions, with a higher “green” energy label. Half of respondents are willing to pay more for a more environmentally friendly TV. For 70 percent it is important that recycled materials are used in the manufacture of the television.

TVs will stay with us

For more than 60 percent of respondents, the TV is an important part of the living room of the apartment. What’s more: more than half of Poles consider television and television to be important, even essential part of their life. More than three quarters of Polish TV viewers expect that in five years they will still have a TV in their living room, and almost half – that it will be a larger receiver than it is now. More than a third expect that in five years television will be used exclusively for watching traditional television.

The Omdia report shows that consumers around the world are choosing TVs from South Korea and Japan. The first two places in terms of sales in 2021 were taken by Samsung and LG. Both with their own operating systems, no Android TV / Google TV. In 2021, the average unit price of LG OLED TVs was $1,861, more than three times the average LCD TV price of $507.70. Meanwhile, global TV shipments fell by 1,932,000 units a year to 213.54 million units in 2021, the lowest result since 2010. Japanese Sony was behind the two Korean companies, with a market share of 9.5%. in terms of revenue, Chinese TCL with 8 percent. and Hisense by 6.8%.

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