Alien: Isolation – do not continue?

The size, scale and maze of hallways steeped in the Nostromo climate. Although, according to the original announcements, the alien was supposed to adapt to the player’s behavior, it all tied into a number of mechanics that always placed Xenomorph close to the player. I once read an interview about how intense the Alien was throughout the game. The creators swore that sometimes the creature would not be seen for several levels. Of course, that never happened. Not in my humble case. Since the premiere of Aliens vs. Predator 2 for PC in 2001, it would be difficult in later years to point to a title that treats sci-fi horror classics with dignity. If we look at the overall situation through the prism of the exposure of the only Xenomorph in an interactive edition, then we will highlight Alien Resurrection (2000, PlayStation). It was the scariest take on the shootout yet, a completely different style of portraying the planet’s legendary supermasslayer LV-426. Although the game used the storyline of the fourth installment movie, i.e. “Alien: Awakening” (1997), it was designed as a true horror shooter.

From my perspective, it turned out to be one of the most difficult games in the PlayStation library. To this day, I still maintain my opinion on this production. Try to deal with it now. Due to the control and self-law patterns of this era, it is still a challenge. Since then, we have been waiting for a similar proposal from trademark rights holders. We haven’t had a solid game with the Alien in a long time, yet the potential for exploitation was huge. Aliens: Colonial Marines (2010, Sega) became famous, unfortunately, not for quality, but for marketing confusion. In the end, the product turned out to be well below expectations within the framework of the pre-premiere broadcasts, which (apparently) were intentionally pasted for the public, while the fragments present during the broadcast never appeared. in the final version. One of the disappointments of the century – if our beloved industry was over a hundred years old.

The beauty and the Beast


“Alien: 8 Passenger Nostromo” directed by Riddley Scott is an absolutely cult film, indicated as an era in the history of cinema. Even in the early years. 80, there was a playable adaptation, but the gaming industry quickly pushed it to the depths of the story. The Creative Assembly team focused on retrofuturism when developing the project. No wonder Alien: Isolation has become such a beloved product. The gradually decaying Sevastopol space station is a whole spectacle of corridors, separate rooms and computer dishes that would make an impression in the 70s of the last century. In combination with newer mechanics, it creates an unusual marriage of past and future. In all of this, however, let’s not forget by far the most important element, the Alien. A player-focused hunter that uses all sorts of adaptive techniques.

A feat that we can still find in other productions. The space station itself turned out to be quite a disturbing place. Awareness of the presence of a truly intelligent killer accompanies the player every step of the way. As the story progresses, the Alien has been given a few scripted situations, but it’s a must for good execution. After spending over 14 hours in Izolacja, I was excited not only about the top quality construction, regardless of platform. And yet, the title was created for both generations of equipment. Finally, I didn’t have to reach for the iconic plasma rifle, representing the calling card of the marines arriving at LV-426 (Decisive Battle). And it’s the first time in many years that even two highly successful Aliens vs. Predator, while offering gameplay from a different point of view, was set in the atmosphere of Cameron’s vision.

It has been a long time since anyone referred to the source material, the beginning of existence in the consciousness of mass culture. The announcement of a game based on the growing trend of “hide and seek”, inspired by nuggets like Dishonored, sounded too good on paper in a retro-futuristic setting. And yet, the goal was achieved. The best Alien game ever. Additionally, it is canonically tied to the cinematic events. The ubiquitous retailism and rendering of the mood alongside the retro-futurism of the classic Nostromo still makes a strong impression today. Therefore, it’s a shame we didn’t get the proper adaptation of the game for PS5/XSX performance. Same as advertised VR version. Here the game would give a real show in the way of losing your mind. However, there was never anything seemingly unusual in Isolation. I still don’t understand average successful initiatives like Aliens: Fireteams when Creative Assembly did something so wonderful in the post. We can’t skip some things.

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