Don’t you think life without technology is too glorified today?

The vision of a life in the countryside or in the forest, completely without access to technology, is tempting, but I am of the opinion that for many such an adventure would end in a very quick return to civilization.

We live surrounded by technology. Whether in the city or in the countryside, everyone has a smartphone, often with a high-speed Internet connection, most have a computer and use streaming services. More and more things can be manipulated through the app, more and more everyday objects (vacuum cleaners, lighting or even door locks) are becoming smart, which is reflected in their appearance. The car’s dashboard is already such a large tablet that you can watch movie premieres on it in an instant. At the same time, all this technology means we’re spending more and more time online, and companies with ideas like the Metaverse would like us to spend even more time.

No wonder the technological counter-revolution is gathering more and more fans

Technology, like anything else, is addictive. I’m not saying everyone is always to the same extent, but there are definitely some of us who suffer from FOMO and without a computer/smartphone/internet access would experience feelings of anxiety or nervousness. The fact that technology surrounds us and, to a large extent, overwhelms us, naturally makes people think the other way. And the strength of this trend will be evidenced by millions of texts and comments about how overwhelmed we are – too many movies/games/series, too much media vying for our attention, too many notifications, too much of everything.

The remedy for this would be to completely shut down the technology. You know – a house in a “traditional village” taken from the brochures of agritourism or an open-air museum, or located in the middle of a forest, away from civilization and where electricity does not exist. is that in a nearby river. The fact that a lot of people would love something like this can be seen by looking at how many companies are offering…exactly that. Living far from civilization, in the desert, has become a service that anyone can buy.

And I must admit that even for me such visions speak for themselves, because I have always loved idyllic images. Watching a film like the one above, one can imagine a morning where the first view from the window is the surrounding forest, a communal breakfast, which in this case must of course be healthy, and a day spent admiring nature. Who wouldn’t?

Unfortunately – I think so

Because while such a vision is very nice, I’m afraid that many people who are convinced that they want to completely cut themselves off from technology will realize after a short time that their vision of completely cutting themselves off from the achievements of the last 30-40 years differs from reality. See that such a complete reset means we have nothing with us – a phone, a computer, anything connected to the internet, a television: nothing. “And fun” – you will say. However, I am convinced that although the first day, maybe the second, would be exciting just being in a new place and experiencing a new environment, after a week, and especially – after a month – many of you will find that you want to return to civilization as soon as possible.

Not all, of course, because on YT there are many examples of people who, without technology, have lived peacefully for years (although these people often film and post recordings of their lives, so I doubt that “without technology” would actually be if without technology). However, I look at it realistically and if I were to go a month without technology, that would mean spending time without the things I love – without my music (I guess you’d rather not bring a turntable to such places) , without entertainment in the form of movies or games and without contact with friends. At the same time, in such places it is necessary to get rid of all the comforts of the modern world. The courier will not deliver the parcels, of course you have to prepare the food yourself because it is far from the nearest town, plan your shopping a week in advance, etc. And if he says “and that’s it”, you’d be right, but I wonder how many people would really like to live like that long term. I suspect in the long run your only entertainment would be staring at the ceiling.

The sustainable use of what progress has given us is extremely important

When I first decided to do something with my body to not look like a clothesline, I heard words that resonate with me to this day. “A lot of people go on a diet and give up because most diets are just plain bland.” Strict “flat stomach in a month” diets almost assume starvation rations, severely punishing deviations. Meanwhile, wisely managing what you eat and changing your eating habits will give you the same results, but in a way that’s much healthier and, most importantly, easy to maintain, even throughout your life. It’s very similar with technology. The desire to cut yourself off completely is the “miracle diet” most would throw around the corner to get back to their Netflix series and get in touch with the outside world.

Instead, in my opinion, it’s better to make a different effort and consider what technologies we use every day and how they affect us. The next step should be to identify those that have a particularly negative effect on us and find a method to counter it. Let me give you an example – maybe there will be someone here who has had the same problem. Well, I am very easily distracted and often find myself watching YouTube too much because I was interested in a thumbnail or topic. So while my desktop computer is still where I do most of my work, it’s not uncommon for me to grab my laptop and sit with it on the couch in front of my HiFi system. Why? Because I noticed that in such conditions it is easier for me to concentrate and the urge to click on some YouTube videos, even interesting ones, is much lower.

Of course, everyone will have different feelings about this. My approach may also result from the fact that I have never felt “overwhelmed”, so my need to cut myself off from technology is probably not that great. Let me know what you think and what is your vision of life without technology. Is this a real vision or rather a kind of utopia whose implementation would bring more problems than advantages?

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