New human-inspired JRPG forces you to fight the apocalypse, brutally hold hands

The group of games that were shown last night Playstation playing on W crates were obvious to gamers of all walks of life, whether or not they Vampire VR for mummy loversA Fanatics or Fighters roller derby that finally crossed the street into the open world. However, a game’s journey to join the heap of PlayStation games was as lively as its silly premise. This game continues eternity.

eternityDeveloped by Studio Sai, it is a hack and slash JRPG set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious infection has turned people into rampaging monsters. As you can see from its trailer, eternity Filled with all the things that make a great JRPG game: you have amazing heroes with magical powers, dungeons full of traps and puzzles, and trusted party members you can hold down the R2 button to hold onto hand while watching the sunset – wait (check on Steam page) Oh eternity It is also a dating simulator. Ali is right.

Yes, it’s true. Bay of love. next to each other eternity Lively JRPG action, you’ll also fight for the ones you love during downtime, planning and approach Boys and girls at the end of the world. After all, you have two hands that can seemingly get out of slicing; Why not use it to fight for a cure for humanity and at the same time? Keep one of the five cute survivors in your party?

Accompanied by some lightly spiced visual novel graphics during romantic scenes, eternity It also includes 2D animated scenes that change depending on the girl or guy you’re dating. But time is running out. You can enjoy it by deepening your relationship with your friends, unlocking new skills (just like in real life), searching for vital resources or just saying “I miss myself with this BS” and Leeroy Jenkins – the first dungeon that see you. for each of them.

If you consider a JRPG that doubles as a dating chip to be a lot like a business Character Go ahead, you would be right. In fact, after playing Personas 5AND Persona 4 GoldAND Persona 3 FESAND eternity The developer quit his job to continue developing his game.

The trailer for Eternights featured fast-paced events as well as strength-based combat. (Screenshot: Studio Sai/Kotaku)

The first clip the internet saw eternity There was a 2019 r/post on the Unity3D subreddit by its creator, Jay Yu. at the time, eternity It went under the name Project Kafka and was described as Character Meets the devil can cry. Jae released a game that features a calendar system, time management, and relationship gameplay, with RPGs replaced by hacks and slashers.

Unusual questions about assembling 3D models and sharing inspirational videos of Character Series director Katsura HashinoJay has released a series of updates in eternity. These updates include CharacterTrailers inspired by a personal introduction animating the first cells of the trailer my hero academyInspirational combat moves.

Nothing more than your own anime that you found inspired by the greats that came before you. Additionally, your first game is displayed with the likes Final Fantasy XVI AND vampire 4 remakes very nutty.

Jay said in a PlayStation Blog post. “As a storyteller, I’ve always wanted to combine a love story with adrenaline-charged action. I wanted players to have a strong personal reason to push them forward in militant encounters and to feel like they were fighting for more than just survival – they were fighting for the ones they loved. »

eternity Ready to carry a torch Character Like the Prometheus of the Games, which brings firefighters and members of a romantic party to the masses. I can’t wait to hold hands and, dare I say, go crazy for waffles and braces – oh, and save the world when eternity editing.

still Its release is scheduled for early 2023 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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