OPPO Find X5 Pro: Iga Świątek, Paris and sports emotions

Lech, get out of your cave and see what Oppo Find X5 Pro in Paris can do…on the courts of Roland Garros – OPPO suggested. There could only be one answer :-).

OPPO is a sponsor of the French Open

Tennis fans have certainly noticed that OPPO is a partner of the Roland-Garros tournament for the fourth consecutive year. This year, the company launched the RG x OPPO Photo Gallery, a digital exhibition of photos created using the company’s flagship smartphone – OPPO Find X5 Pro. Still, it’s one thing to look at photos, and quite another to be able to take them on the spot, with this phone.

Roland Garros - OPPO

Phone or SLR? There was no such dilemma here

The case is simple you won’t bring an SLR to such big sporting events. The only thing that will pass through the security barriers is a smartphone. I took three – just in case. I somewhat regretted sending back the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which bravely accompanied me to Iceland, but next to OPPO Find X5 Pro I packed a small Galaxy S22 and a cossack (according to DxOMark) Huaweia P50 Pro with 3.5x optical and 7x lossless digital zoom. And three in total only Huawei constantly annoyed me. For some reason his camera worked terribly slowly and reacted with a very long delay. And with a sport as dynamic as tennis, it was incredibly frustrating.

There was also no question of bringing even a small tripod – all shots had to be taken “by hand”. It doesn’t make life easier with the optical zoom – a significant portion of the photos were destined to be thrown away.

Roland Garros - OPPO
OPPO Find X5 Pro – what kind of phone is it?

While I already knew the other two devices well, I was very curious about the possibilities of the OPPO proposal. He had his fingers in these cameras Hasselblad itselfthe image processor also promises a lot HusbandSilicon X. The main camera 50 Mpix (1/1.56″, 25mm) got a lens with the brightness of F/1.7, three-axis in-sensor image stabilization and an additional 2 axes in the lens. Interestingly, too the huge 1/1.56″ sensor also has an ultra-wide angle modulewith a focal length corresponding to 15 millimeters (110 degrees), F/2.2 aperture and phase detection autofocus (here we also have 50 Mpix). The latest of the module offers 2x optical zoom (52mm focal length), F/2.4 lens and a much smaller 1/3.4″ sensor.

Well, it’s a good treat, I must admit, although I was worried is it sure 2x zoom is enough for me at a sporting event. However, when you go to such an event at the invitation of your Roland-Garros partner, in front of you sits in the stands … well, no one is seated – it was impossible to be closer to the players.

Iga Swiątek - Roland-Garros

Iga Świątek is too fast for any phone

It must be said clearly our national pride is too fast and too aggressive in the field to be easily captured by a phone. Even the continuous shooting mode didn’t guarantee the frame would freeze well. Given the powerful hitting force of the ball, which accelerates to over 200 km/h, you need a lot of luck and/or very good equipment.

Professionals take this type of photos with very high sensitivity, large sensors and with an ultra-short exposure time of the matrix. It’s a great suit for small dies installed in phones. But…we managed to break something here :-). All sample photos included in the text are from OPPO Find X5 Pro. Too much was happening for a major phone juggling.

It was a very nice meeting with the flagship OPPO

Of course, as befits a trip, there were also plenty of non-sporting photo opportunities. OPPO Find X5 Pro was a very effective travel companion. The biggest surprise for me was HDR processing – I haven’t received such vibrant skies in photos from any phone so far.

We have to wait a bit for the full review of the phone with a detailed analysis of the quality of photos and videos. The smartphone has already gone to Anna Rymsza, who will analytically test each of the modes. However, you should expect a high rating now, at least in terms of photo. Either way, see for yourself how the phone performs in the following scenarios:

  • Night and low light photos:

As a bonus I add phone video recording (4K) – no filters or coloring. At the time of publication, the video was still being processed, but should soon be available in target quality:

The trip was sponsored by OPPO, but the item was not ordered by OPPO

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