Samsung Galaxy A33 5G review – this reasonable choice

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G is another representative of the Galaxy A line, which with its reasonable price and above-average possibilities has been conquering the smartphone market for years, especially in subscription offers. Could the cheaper Korean offer in April be a reasonable choice? Sure!

A price that is justified

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G debuted in Poland at a price of 1749 PLN. That’s a lot considering that its predecessor – Galaxy A32 5G – it only costs 1249 PLN! A quick look at official distributors indicates that the smartphone under review today can be ripped off for about 1559 PLN in the current promotion for 1299 PLN!

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G Specifications:

  • SuperAMOLED screen with a diagonal of 6.4″, resolution 2400 x 1080 pixels, refresh rate 90 Hz, with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection,
  • Exynos 1280 processor with Mali-G68 as graphics chip,
  • 6 GB of RAM,
  • 128 GB of internal memory,
  • Android 12 with UI 4.1,
  • four lenses: main camera 48 Mpix (f/1.8), ultra wide angle 8 Mpix (f/2.2), macro 5 Mpix (f/2.4), depth of field 2 Mpix (f/2.4)
  • 5G,
  • Dual-SIM,
  • NFC,
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac,
  • Bluetooth 5.1,
  • USB Type-C,
  • stereo speakers,
  • in-screen fingerprint reader,
  • 5000mAh battery, 25W fast charge,
  • dimensions: 159.7 x 74 x 8.1mm,
  • weight: 186g.

The set includes a phone with a USB Type-C 2.0 cable, as well as a needle to eject port for SIM and microSD cards. As you have noticed, the phone does not have a 3.5 audio jack input. A sadness for all those who do not use Bluetooth compatible headphones. As with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8the manufacturer did not attach any charger to the box.

Galaxy A33 5G is a painless transfer

I must admit that I was definitely afraid to jump over Realme GT Neo 2 on Samsung Galaxy A33 5G. However, the fears were unfounded as the Koreans’ new device is a truly capable phone that can meet the demands of the average user. My first impression can be summed up in two sentences: “How light it is” and “It’s the iPhone at home”.

I didn’t expect the light blue to be so to my liking. And it fell, certainly more than the other phone colors you can buy it in: white, black and orange, definitely close to peach. The matte back of the case is also quite good, thanks to which the device does not pick up so many fingerprints when you are not wearing it. Case. The island with cameras also gives a good feeling, reminiscent of phones from shelves much higher than the one we are talking about today.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G and Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
Samsung Galaxy A33 5G (left) and Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (right)

First configuration and indeed – 90 Hz and an AMOLED flat screen like a bull! I spent a lot of time with the phone in the scorching Tri-City sun, and I have to say the adaptive brightness adjustment did the job here. I never had to complain about not seeing anything. A nice bonus is the ability to manually select the screen refresh rate – between 90Hz and 60Hz.

What is certainly important Samsung Galaxy A33 5G does not support functions Always on display. Among the screen settings, we find above all the possibility of activating adaptive brightness, dark mode, as well as screen modes (natural or vivid) and eye protection.

As I mentioned before, the manufacturer didn’t include a charger that is compatible with the supported 25W fast charge. However, that didn’t stop me from checking how long it takes to charge with the charger original from the manufacturer.

And yes, charging the Galaxy A33 5G with a 25W Samsung charger takes exactly one hour and 15 minutes, of which 0-91% of the phone is charged in 57 minutes – another 9% is charged the rest of the time.

Another thing is battery endurance. For daily phone use to receive calls, listen to music, write on Messenger, contactless payment, play games Terraforming Mars and while browsing TikTok, the phone still landed under the charger at the end of the day, with the indication approaching 10%.

On average, I got up before 10:00 a.m. to connect the device to charge before going to bed around midnight. However, I must admit that I used the phone very intensively, so this time can easily be extended to 1.5 days.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G

Biometrics, security, discussions

The fingerprint reader is placed under the screen. I did not encounter any problems in its operation, on the contrary – I was looking forward to connecting more applications to the Samsung Pass, so that I could easily access them without entering the password (for example Play24, that is- ie the application of my operator, or SGB Mobile – the application of the Spółdzielczy Bank) .

Another way to unlock your phone is face recognition, which works fine. What irritated me here at first was the fact that after proper verification you should still swipe up to go to main – but that quickly turned out to be my oversight original, because we can easily disable this unnecessary difficulty in the settings.

Importantly, even when you place a second smartphone with my photo on the front camera, the phone does not unlock. However, I’m definitely a bigger fan of the fingerprint, which is a more secure method of securing the device than the basic front-facing webcam.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G

I’ve been making a lot of calls lately, as we’re looking for an apartment in the Tri-City with friends. During these interviews, I did not encounter any technical problems. Call quality was at a very good level.

It was similar with internet browsing – 5G only stopped working in cramped buildings where I had had similar experiences before. Exactly the same, it’s very good, it was with the use of the GPS system.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G

Camera and webcam

What can I say – up to four lenses should appeal to all photography enthusiasts. As I mentioned earlier, we are dealing here with the main 48 Mpix (f / 1.8), ultra wide angle 8 Mpix (f / 2.2), macro 5 Mpix (f / 2.4) camera and the one using a depth of field of 2 Mpix (f/2.4). Each of them offers satisfactory quality. To upload photos to Instagram or send photos between family and friends, Samsung Galaxy A33 5G will do the job as much as possible.

Worth mentioning Samsung Galaxy A33 5G supports recording in 4K / 30 FPS and 1080p – here already 30 and 60 FPS. We also support HDR and portrait modes here. Just look at the sample photos I took with this smartphone.

Plus – a direct comparison of evening photos with and without the use of night mode. When you want to see more, it’s definitely worth taking advantage of.

How is the ultra wide angle lens and 2x, 4x and 10x zoom? Let’s take the example of a simple photo of graffiti on one of the streets of Gdańsk. Even at 10x zoom, you can still see image detail, although the quality drops noticeably.

The 13 Mpix (f/2.2) front camera also performed very well. Here are three photos of my beautiful face, taken with this camera in Samsung Galaxy A33 5G.


After great speakers like the w Samsung Galaxy Tab S8everything will clearly be a disappointment. Whether Galaxy A33 5G features stereo speakers, even when turned on Dolby Atmos, the sound is too flat to compete with mid-range headphones. If it’s enough to watch movies on TikTok and YouTube, music lovers will stay connected to Bluetooth headphones instead.

Speaking of sound, I’m going to share a rather interesting observation. We often play games with our roommates FIFA 22, including Spotify on PlayStation 5, which we control from the phone. The application was behaving quite strangely on the Galaxy A33 5Gbecause she often disconnected from the console, playing queued songs on the phone. It’s hard to tell if it’s a problem with the Spotify app or some kind of incompatibility between connected devices. However, I did not encounter the problem myself. Realme GT Neo 2.

The big flaw is probably the lack of a 3.5 mm audio jack input, which requires investing in Bluetooth headphones. Personally, I’ve been using them for several years, so I don’t have as much affection for the old grip as other users may have. Especially since wireless music equipment is often much more expensive than devices with cables.

The screen can also be reversed, and what!

Tests and numbers

Last but not least, a handful of performance test results, conducted with the help of regular reviewers. An interesting fact is that with Wildlife stress test the phone only warmed up slightly near the camera island.

Meanwhile, how did 3D Mark, CPDT, and Geekbench 5.0 fare? Let’s take a look at the results.

  • Geek Bench 5.0
    • single-core: 711
    • multicore: 1861
  • 3D mark
    • Slingshot: 4433
    • Sling Shot Extreme – OpenGL ES 3.1: 3592
    • Wildlife: 2257
    • Wildlife stress test: 2255-2228
  • CPDT memory test
    • Sequential write: 77.59 MB/s
    • Sequential read: 394.55 MB/s
    • Random backup [4 KB]: 27.16 MB/s
    • Shuffle Playback [4 KB]: 15.15 MB/s
    • Memory Copy [4 MB]: 5.31 GB/s


If I was looking for a new phone and stumbled somewhere Samsung Galaxy A33 5G in good promotion, I would consider this purchase. First of all, it gives the impression of elegant equipment accompanying an adult on a daily basis. During these two weeks of testing, I really got used to its lightness and ease of use.

In undemanding games and basic applications, this phone should not let anyone down. A fairly capable camera will be used by photography enthusiasts, and the implementation of NFC will create z Galaxy A33 5G lightweight and mobile wallet. It’s hard to find a major flaw that would justify tormenting this mid-range model.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G and Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
Samsung Galaxy A33 5G and Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

The only disappointment is the speakers, but we usually use separate headphones for music. Although we don’t have one for Bluetooth, a proper 3.5mm audio jack to USB Type-C adapter should do the trick.

In the end, I’m a little torn. At the time of the review, Samsung decided to launch a promotion, in which you can buy the Galaxy A33 5G for 1299 PLN, which is an excellent price for this product – if the price remained, I would gladly give the final mark of 9/ten. For the standard price, in my opinion, the max is 8/10 and I leave it that way.

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Samsung Galaxy A33 5G review – this reasonable choice


The AMOLED screen and the 90 Hz are more than enough

ideal for basic applications and small games

NFC as a basic accessory

the lightness and elegance of the smartphone


no 3.5mm jack audio input

average quality speakers

the suggested price could be a little lower

traditionally – no charger included

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