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End of March this year. the most indebted development companies were in the voivodships of Mazowieckie, Śląskie and Wielkopolskie – according to data from the National Debt Register. They coincide with statements based on data from the BIG InfoMonitor Debtor Register and the BIK Credit Information Database.

Mazowieckie tops list of debtors in construction

Data from the National Debt Register (KRD) shows this at the end of the first quarter of this year. Mazowieckie Voivodeship had the largest number of indebted developers – 1,020, and their debt approached PLN 55 million. Construction contractors from Śląskie Voivodeship – 564 enterprises (about 20.7 million PLN) and from Wielkopolskie Voivodeship – 446 entities, with a debt of about 17.2 million PLN – were also on the podium.

– Mazowieckie, Śląskie and Wielkopolskie are the most populated voivodships. The activity of the development industry is therefore the highest there. This is also reflected in the presence of the largest number of debtors in these areas. Considering the number of development companies operating in Poland, it seems that the existing group of debtors should not affect the situation of the industry in a given region – comments legal adviser Emilia Miśkiewicz from the office of legal advisers of JK&M.

According to the KRD, at the end of March this year. the least indebted development companies were from the Opolskie voivodeship – 63 (the amount of debt – about 1.4 million PLN), Podlaskie – 71 (about 1.7 million PLN) and Świętokrzyskie – 79 (about 3 million PLN). In addition, the list includes eight debtors without indicating the voivodship (nearly PLN 1.3 million).

– The data on the number of debtors is related to whether the individual areas show the highest and lowest activity. For example, Podlasie is the least affluent province in terms of the number of inhabitants. This is where the demand for new apartments is weakest. In turn, at the same time, the greatest migration to large centers takes place from there – analyzes Wojciech Kuc, an expert from the Polish Real Estate Market Federation.

Average debt

KRD reports show this at the end of the first quarter of this year. the highest average debt was for debtors without a specified voivodeship – more than 157.8 thousand. PLN, as well as the province. Podkarpackie – about 112.8 thousand PLN, Mazowieckie – almost 53.9 thousand. PLN, as well as Łódź – more than 48.5 thousand. zloty. On the other hand, data from BIG InfoMonitor Debtor Register and BIK Credit Information Database shows that on March 31 this year. the largest average debt of the analyzed group was for debtors from Podkarpacie – approx. zloty. In the next places we see the Lublin province – about 375.2 thousand PLN, as well as Mazowieckie – almost 370.3 thousand. zloty.

– Half of the indebted development companies in Poland are sole proprietorships, and the other half are trading companies. Very often, the indebted entities are small family businesses making local investments in housing. They often build single-family homes, semi-detached homes, or multiple townhouses for sale. And most often these small entities have debt problems, although, as can be seen, the scale is rather limited – analyzes Jarosław Jędrzyński, expert at

On the other hand, Mateusz Stachewicz, an expert from the Polish Association of Developers, points out that manufacturing and building materials are often long chains. The indebtedness of one entity can affect several others. The PZFD does not even rule out an increase in bankruptcies in the executive sector. According to a survey of member companies, in the largest cities the costs of the contract itself increased by an average of 500-1000 PLN per square meter of housing. And this applies only to the period since the beginning of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

– True, some companies in the development industry will collapse, but it is a normal process in the market. The construction itself is now much more difficult due to the rising prices of products, their unavailability or even the lack of labor due to the necessary return of Ukrainian workers. Added to this is the subsequent sale with a margin. This can be seen on the outskirts of Warsaw, where many segments are being built, for example in Marki, Ząbki, Kobyłka or Grodzisk Mazowiecki. There are already problems finding customers – adds Wojciech Kuc.

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