Somfy shows how holistically a smart home can be designed

When thinking of home furnishings, most users’ first association is certainly not smart home technologies yet. But the world is changing, modern solutions are storming our stubble. A good example is the presence of companies such as Somfy at trade fairs devoted mainly to interior decoration. I visited the brand’s stand at Warsaw Home & Contract – and was very impressed with the presentation of the solutions offered by the French company.

A few or a dozen years ago, at events like this … it was futile to look for modern technological solutions even with a candle. However, a lot has changed and customers have started to appreciate the convenience and usefulness they offer. Modern smart home solutions have finally stopped requiring dozens of complicated devices and many hours of setup that ordinary users cannot pass, and their operation is also easy for everyone. Their creators design systems that will allow you to easily (and conveniently) manage accessories throughout the home, both via smartphone / tablet and various remote controls that are an integral part of the aesthetics of the furnishings.

At the Warsaw Home & Contract show, Somfy prepared a demonstration apartment, which is full of a whole set of proprietary solutions. On more than 30 square meters, visitors could see with their own eyes – and verify in practice – what the apartment of the future (or today, in fact, because this technology is already available at the purchase). Plus, it just so happens that Somfy’s portfolio is so vast that…they actually have solutions for every situation.

On its demonstration stand, Somfy shows the heart of every smart home in action: the modern TaHoma switch. It is through him that all elements of the local smart home are controlled. It is the heart and thanks to it we can open doors from a distance, reveal curtains or implement other more complicated scenarios.

In the show apartment, we have “something” smart at every turn. To open the front door, equipped with a Door Keeper lock – you do not need to search for a key at the bottom of the backpack, all you need is a smartphone with an app, or just a door -special keys or digicode – if someone decides to use an additional reader with a keyboard. The io-homecontrol thermostat for stoves and underfloor heating and the thermostatic heads for traditional radiators will ensure the right temperature inside. Plug io will help us to remotely turn on a floor lamp in the living room, while the climate and dim light in the bedroom will be thanks to the IZYMO io receiver with LED dimming function. Its simplicity is simple to use, what’s more, it will not only allow you to manage the brightness of the light without touching your smartphone, but also to turn the light on and off, taking into account the last settings or the full brightness!

But it’s not over – Somfy accessories are also supports for the automatic opening of gates, shutters and rolling shutters – all these systems could be tested in practice and see for yourself how they work. Just like the sensors: wind, temperature, shock, smoke, movement and sun. At first glance they seem like gimmicks, but… they are just appearances. Since in the Somfy system you can create complete smart home management scenarios, all these sensors are an important part of automation. Example? When the sun shines stronger than the value we have set, the blinds close automatically so that we can work in peace or enjoy the movie without the light reflecting on the screen. When the wind is too strong, the exterior louvers automatically rise to protect the window and the cover itself (louver) from damage. Will the temperature drop below the ceiling we have set for ourselves? The thermostat will ensure that the radiators recover quickly.

With full integration between devices, you can set even more advanced automation – related to lighting, home protection and daily activities. We open the front door, so the door to the house will also be unlocked. Inside, the light from the hall and the raised blinds will be waiting for us. You can? You can just click all of this in the proprietary TaHoma app, which is available for devices with iOS and Android systems. On the Somfy stand at the Warsaw Home & Contract trade show, you could see for yourself how simple and practical it all is.

The presence of a company like Somfy at an interior design fair is perfect proof that technology, with its functional values, can cooperate successfully with the interior design industry. Modern solutions allow you to combine business with pleasure. Technology creators do not forget about modern design, and all “technical” elements are cleverly hidden or simply designed to please the eye. Some of them are cleverly disguised (like curtain controls hidden under fabric or wireless controls for internal covers), others use solar panels and avoid the need for unsightly cables. Technology meets user needs, and Somfy offers even more comprehensive solutions in this area with each generation of accessories. Today it is difficult to imagine finishing an apartment or a house without taking into account, for example, the control of lighting or heating or other solutions from the smart home category. And it will soon become even more common.

The entrance was created in collaboration with Somfy

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