The biggest ticket a cyclist can get is 2.5 thousand. zloty. Why?

The new fines fines are aimed at increasing road safety and driving culture. This applies not only to cars, but also to other road users, such as cyclists. Consequently, the rates indicated in the document published six months ago have increased considerably.

Currently, the highest warrant in the amount of 2.5 thousand. zlotys threatens people using a bicycle while intoxicated – more than 0.5 per thousand. A cyclist caught driving with a lower alcohol concentration – 0.2 to 0.5 per mille – will be fined 1000 PLN. zlotys.

Fines for cyclists

The authors of the amendment to the regulations have made the penalties for popular offenses committed by cyclists financially more severe. Therefore, the tariffs have been changed, for example for non-compliance with the right to a pedestrian crossing or entering a pedestrian crossing.

For such an offense, cyclists (as well as drivers) will pay a fine in the amount of 50-500 PLN. The tariff also provides for a similar penalty for avoiding a vehicle that was traveling in the same direction but stopped to yield to a pedestrian.

Using a mobile phone while driving is a growing nightmare not only for drivers but also for cyclists. That is why they will pay up to 500 PLN when using the phone while driving – holding the handset or microphone in their hand.

Is it possible to cycle along the street side by side?

The regulation, in force since January 1, 2022, provides for a fine of PLN 150 for incorrect positioning of the vehicle on the road before turning. The rules of the road stipulate that a cyclist must ride as close as possible to the right edge of the road.

The regulations also provide penalties for cyclists who make it difficult for other road users to ride, for example by riding side by side. Such an offense is punishable by a fine of 200 PLN.

Cycling on a fast road

The Highway Code prohibits cycling on highways and highways. The by-law applies to the road, emergency lanes and roadsides. Entering this type of road by bicycle is punishable by a fine of 250 zlotys and a police escort to the nearest safe exit.

Driving on a crosswalk

A cyclist must get off the bike before crossing the pedestrian crossing and drive it to the other side of the road – this is the theory, but in practice this provision is often ignored, for which there is a fine of 50 to 100 zlotys. The only exception is a child under 10 who is considered a pedestrian. The adult caring for the child can cross the level crossing by car.

Poor technical condition of the bike – is there a fine for this?

A bicycle does not need to be inspected, just like a car. However, riding a bicycle in poor technical condition is threatened with a fine of 20 to 500 PLN. The bike must have: at least one effective brake and lighting: white or yellow at the front and red at the rear.

The bicycle must also be equipped with a bell or other warning signal, with which the cyclist can warn other road users.

Is it possible to ride a bike on the sidewalk

Cycling on the sidewalk raises many debates, but is prohibited by law. There are a few exceptions that allow you to navigate the pavement. This can be done by a cyclist riding with a child under 10, in bad weather or when the roadway is at least two meters wide and the road can be traveled at speeds above 50 km/h.

A cyclist can ride on the sidewalk when there is no separate route for bicycles and a dedicated bicycle lane. Illegal driving on the sidewalk is punishable by a fine of 200 PLN. Cyclists who violate the obligation to move at a speed close to the speed of a pedestrian, without giving way to pedestrians or obstructing pedestrian traffic, will be subject to fines in the amount of PLN 300.

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