Timmermans for PN: I can promise miners better paid work

Reduction energy consumptionquick switch to renewable energy sourcesaccelerated thermal insulation of buildings in the European Union – Frans Timmermans, in an interview with Dominika Tarczyńska, presented his ideas on energy transformation in the European Union.

The interviewer started with a rather wicked question about burning coal. It’s this way of generating energy EU leaders which they have chosen as a key in the transition period, that is, before reaching climate goals. Recall that the most important of them is the lowering net greenhouse gas emissions (emissions minus removals) by 2030 by at least 55% compared to 1990 levels.

– The European Union has decided to accept the combustion of coal in the process of independence from Russian raw materials. The decision seems perfectly understandable, but bear in mind that we still have climate goals to achieve. In such a case, is there still a chance for their implementation? – Dominika Tarczyńska asked on Polsat News.

– If we accelerate the transformation to renewable energy, if we do it faster than expected, even using coal, we will finally reduce emissions according to plan – he noted Frans Timmermans. – Remember, coal remains expensive, added the Vice-President of the European Commission.

It should be remembered that in 2020 the Dutch politician assured that gas would be the main fuel during transformation. However, the conflict in Ukraine confirmed this view. The abandonment of blue fuel has put some European Union countries in a difficult situation. “So what should countries dependent on this raw material do in the current situation?” – Dominika Tarczyńska asked.

“We have three ideas,” Timmermans replied. – The first is, REPowerUE. We must reduce energy consumption, we must accelerate the thermal insulation of buildings and we must accelerate the use of green energy in industry and households. We need to make people aware of energy saving – explained the Dutch politician in Polsat News.

Another idea was the rapid and dynamic development of photovoltaics on the roofs of European houses.

“It’s our priority,” said Frans Timmermans. He also noted the need for faster approvals for the construction of offshore wind farms.

– These are our European alternatives. We don’t have oil or gas, so RES is our only way,” Timmermans explained.

The last idea was the joint purchase of liquefied LNG gas within the European Union.

– We already have agreements with the Americans and with other countries. I think this is a good solution – said the politician.

Frans Timmermans also referred to the situation in Poland.

– I think the Polish transformation started a little late, but it picked up a good pace. People in Poland realized they could reduce energy costs and improve air quality by installing solar panels. In the countries of the European Union, it is in Poland that the most solar panels are installed – he estimated.

The journalist asked the politician about the expectations of miners regarding funds for a just transition.

– They have the right to expect these funds. Throughout the transformation conversation, it’s important to remember that every employee will be key. After all, installing solar panels is better than working in a mine. I myself am the grandson of a miner. I know how dangerous this job is, Timmermans said.

– We can have healthy, safe and well-paid jobs precisely thanks to the transformation, but the needs of the regions are important, that is why we support these regions – he added.

He also noted that Poland is the biggest beneficiary of European Union funds.

– These funds will be. They can promise miners that there will be better, safer and better paying jobs for them in the future, it’s about adapting, adapting and transferring funds to where they are needed – a he declared.

At the end of the conversation, the Dutch politician was asked if he would visit Konin.

– Yes, I would like to, but we have 440 million inhabitants in Europe. Everyone goes through a transformation. I’m in Poland now, I’ll be back here many times. You are one of the most important countries in the process of transformation. I will visit the mining regions, concluded Frans Timmermans.

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