A book written with his nose; The 41-year-old man with cerebral palsy published his story

Przemysław Kondratowicz is 41 years old. From birth, he suffered from cerebral palsy and muscle tension that was difficult to control. He uses a wheelchair and, despite his illness, transports tourists around Malbork Castle in an electric car. Recently he wrote a book with his nose.

Przemysław Kondratowicz has speech problems due to his illness. Instead, he can transfer his thoughts to the computer keyboard with his nose. Thus was created the book titled “Under Power. A Story That Came Straight Out of Under Your Nose That Should Never Happen”, recently released by the Malbork County Office.

“I decided to write the book for lack of a satisfactory permanent job” – Przemysław Kondratowicz told the PAP correspondent via the messenger.

He added that the book is about someone else’s mistakes, for which he and his family were punished for over 40 years. “The book also talks about my inability to realize my self-actualization because of living ‘energized’.”

Przemysław’s mother, Iwona Kondratowicz, said her son had suffered from cerebral palsy since birth. “He also has a lot of spasticity, very hard to control muscle tone,” she explained. She added that Przemek moved around the house on his knees and in a wheelchair. “He finds a way for everything, even to dress” – she added.

Przemek – as claimed by his father Stanisław Kondratowicz – is a cheerful, extremely consistent, stubborn and patient optimist. These character traits allowed him, despite adversities, to finish high school and study at the University of Gdańsk.

“During the matriculation exam, which he was taking at his school at Secondary School No. 2 in Malbork, he had to dictate the essays and the answers of the teachers” – Przemysław’s mother recalled. The father added that their son had always loved learning and “devoured books”.

“He wanted to apply for biology, but he couldn’t because he doesn’t have active hands,” Stanisław Kondratowicz said. Later, Przemek tried to enter sociology, but he ran out of points. He went into political science. Przemek’s father said that in 2005, when his son started his five-year master’s degree, not everyone liked it. “There was a teacher who said he didn’t want my son to go to university. Even one of the exams was organized for him on the fourth floor of a building without an elevator”, he adds with regret .

After finishing school and earning a master’s degree, Przemek decided to pursue social journalism. He publishes his texts on a blog. He also tried to write for portals and newspapers. Przemek’s mother said his efforts “were ignored by all the institutions he went to”, so she advised him to write a book.

“Throughout my life I had to and still have to look for alternative ways to achieve even the goals that are within my reach” – Przemek typed on the keyboard in an interview with a PAP correspondent. He added that only his nose is capable of performing such a precise activity as typing. “By typing on the keyboard with my nose, I achieved my goal and wrote a book” – the author emphasized.

Behind the publication of the book is the county office of Malbork County. Staroste Mirosław Czapla in an interview with PAP revealed that about 500 copies were issued for 20 thousand zlotys.

“About 100 books went to all schools and libraries in the Malbork poviat. Przemek intends to sell the rest, and he wants to allocate part of the funds to the Great Christmas Charity Orchestra” – explained Czapla.

He added that Przemek is probably the only man in the world to have written a book with his nose. “I read it and realized that those who complain the most are healthy people, who are doing well” – said the starost.

He also noted that the units subordinate to the starosty of Malbork had previously helped Przemek and his parents to buy a wheelchair.

The book – as the author’s mother reveals – was written for 5 years, in late autumn and winter, when Przemek was at home. During the summer holidays, he ferries tourists around Malbork Castle.

“He transports people for pennies” – explains Iwona Kondratowicz. And he adds that it is not a question of earning money, but of “participating in social life”.

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