Broken smartphone screen. How much will the replacement cost?

If on the screen of the broken smartphone only the “cobweb” of broken glass is visible, and everything else works, then we have a minor defect. We may start to worry when colored stripes appear on the screen or the touchpad does not work properly.

When the smartphone falls to the ground, only the outer layer can be damaged, which does not affect the overall functioning of the phone. This is only a pity in terms of aesthetics, because the familiar “cobweb” on the screen just doesn’t look very good. This means that only the glass was damaged, not the whole screen.

Replacement of the whole screen is a more expensive procedure than replacing the blade itself. However, the phones currently on the market no longer have a screen split into a separate screen and glass. Most of them work as a common module. That’s why websites usually mention the whole thing.

The expenses for the replacement of the glass of our smartphone depend on several factors. These include the service price list, phone model, spare parts availability, and level of damage.

For example, repair Huawei Mate 30 Lite will be around 320 PLN. Newer model – Huawei P40 Pro it’s already an expense 899 PLN. Holders will have to pay the most folding phones. Repair Huawei Mate XS if Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 3 it is already an expense of the order from two to five thousand zlotys!

The brand’s models are affected by similar rates Xiaomi if iPhone. Repairing an old type of smartphone will cost us on the site PLN 200-300more recent already PLN 500-800. It also depends on how the screen is constructed. It is much easier to work with the repair of a flat screen than with models with bent edges.

Before we go to the site, let’s carefully assess the level of damage. Thanks to this, the service employee will be able to estimate in advance what the expenses will be.

When the phone is handed over to a service technician, it is completely complete disassembly. This allows you to protect other modules of the phone from damage. After replacing the screen, the phone is reassembled.

Since the phone is disassembled in its first parts, then is data lost when replacing the screen?

Until it’s damaged motherboard, all functions and data will remain intact. Therefore, the housing part with the motherboard is separated from the damaged screen. If, on the other hand, it turns out that not only the screen was damaged during the fall, we can ask you to rip the files during the consultation with the after-sales service.

Is phone screen replacement worth it? This question should surprise no one. There are situations where screen repair is an expense similar to the price of a new smartphone. However, these are sporadic situations. It is usually more cost effective to replace the screen.

It is also worth familiarizing yourself with the market for GSM services before deciding to repair. Despite similar rates, all have their own rates. So it may turn out that in our region the difference in screen repair can reach 50 PLN.

How to take care of the phone to avoid cracks in the screen and go to the site? We can do this in several ways.

The screen can surely protect heat-tempered glass. The cost of such an add-on depends on the phone model and the type of glass. For example, the average cost per slide is up to iPhone it is PLN 30. There will also be a cheaper replacement, as well as one in the amount 114 PLN. It may as well work phone case. Not only is it beautiful, but it can also protect our smartphone from damage.

The last option is to take phone insurance for screen cracks. Thanks to this, all costs related to the repair do not concern us – they are covered by the insurer. Keep this in mind, especially since broken display does not qualify for guarantee or guarantee.


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