First impressions of Diablo Immortal. A full-fledged hack and slash in a pocket version

Diablo Immortal celebrates its long-awaited premiere today. I collected gold, killed monsters and I can assure you that it was worth the wait.

Blizzard made us wait a long time for the premiere of the latest version of Diablo for mobile devices. Agree, not only on mobile, but also on PC, because during the outrage, criticism and protests, the developers of “Blizzards” decided to release the title for personal computers. Almost four years. Everyone who was craving for hack and slash gameplay on smartphones had to wait so long. So I downloaded Diablo Immortal and verified that it was worth it.

Everything we love about Diablo. From today, from the smartphone

The premiere of the game was scheduled for June 2 at 7 p.m., but it turned out that for some players – including Polish players – the new Diablo was already available yesterday. Well, you don’t look into the teeth of any given demon. I had enough time to dodge the early stages, explore the world a bit, and kick ass a bunch of filthy monsters.

At the very beginning of the game, we start with the character creator. It should be mentioned that it is quite extensive for mobile production. And there, I immediately fell into a trap. I have a thing for character creation, so before I hit Hell Rifts for good, I spent half an hour customizing my demon slayer. There are six character classes, and aside from the aforementioned demon hunter, we can choose from Barbarian, Sorcerer, Monk, Crusader, and Necromancer. Each character has their own individual skills and unique playstyle.

Each character has an individual set of skills. For example, a Demon Hunter can spin and shoot, hitting multiple enemies at once.

Right after the wizard, we land in the village of Wortham, plagued by defiled monsters known to the Diablo universe. The gameplay itself is deceptively similar to Diablo III, although it should be noted that it looks darker on the visual side. Fans have repeatedly accused the larger version of being too candy, and it seems Blizzard has listened to the complaints.

Small-screen console experience

Just a moment and I felt at home. Diablo Immortal is a full-fledged hack and slash in a pocket edition. We have a ton of deadly skills to develop here, clearing dungeons from waves of enemies, and a ton, again, a ton of loot.

We can burn useless loot at the blacksmith and turn them into materials needed to upgrade flagship gear sets. These, in turn, are found in larger locations, filled to the brim with other players. And here it should be noted that at such times the game can grind a little.

I tested Diablo Immortal on the new iPad Mini. Apple’s tablet easily manages the highest possible settings, but when visiting high-traffic places, you feel a lack of optimization. The cages just noticeably drop into the world, but not in such a way as to prevent the game from continuing. crack. Players can form clans and teams, and many such teams are now available in Polish.

I have come across a lot of complaints online about micropayments. Of course, it’s a free mobile game, what did you expect? Digital items can be purchased with real money, but the game – at least at this point – absolutely does not require it. The level of difficulty increases satisfactorily and the weapons and armor found during the exploration of the places are solid enough. So if you want to stand out with some shiny clothes for your character, go for it, but don’t believe the rumors that micropayments are necessary in Immortal.

More fun with a companion

The fun is even better if you have a companion on hand. Diablo Immortal is an ideal production for relaxing in co-op on the couch, and the chances of getting better loot are increased by jointly clearing more difficult places. So it’s really very good. Nearly 30 levels of experience shot me through with the snap of a finger, and there are still countless quests ahead of me. The game should provide up to 20 hours of the main plot, which in the case of mobile production is a very good result.

Main storyline missions are interspersed with cinematic cutscenes

So grab a sword, crossbow, axe, or just a phone and test Diablo Immortal for yourself. The game has just opened on PC, iOS and Android devices. See you soon on the servers.

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