Is there anything else to look forward to, i.e. the AD 2022 smartphone compartment?

Five months of this year and several important firsts are behind us. Neither of them paused, writing carefully. We expect the same to happen in the coming months.

So far, in my opinion, there are two winners from this year’s debut. It’s Realme and Samsung.

Effect, not cliche

The example of the latter company clearly shows where manufacturers can still improve something and where they have practically hit the wall. By showing a series of new Galaxy models, the company exposed itself to comments on a small number of changes compared to the previous version. And indeed – at first glance, there are not many of them. Almost identical appearance, identical optics. But something you can’t see has changed – NPU processing and artificial intelligence. Thanks to him, the photos improved, although Samsung was considered one of the best in this field. Also, Europa got Exynos, which initially caused a huge wave of criticism, but later turned out to be a blessing, as Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is one of the worst performing systems, as admitted Qualcomm.

Samsung has also carefully married the Note line with the S, making the S22 Ultra a super flagship with a stylus, which many people have been waiting for over two years. Of course, not everything is perfect, the working time on a single charge in the smaller Galaxy S22 could be longer, and the price of the larger S22 Ultra lower. But in the context of the overall market, in my opinion, Samsung is a plus.

good beginnings

In turn, realme has it easier, as it’s still a pretty fresh company, starting from low caps (which you can see in the gigantic percentage increases). But impossible to underestimate its products, which are simply good. realme GT 2 or GT 2 Pro don’t offer the highest quality photos yet, but they provide smooth operation, the software is error-free and when rated, it’s hard to fault them (aside from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in the Pro version). Additionally, the company offers well-performing and well-priced devices across all price ranges, so it’s no surprise that it quickly climbed to third place among smartphone makers with 13%. share of the Polish market.

In anticipation of Leica

Xiaomi is not doing so well this year. The company is second in our market (behind Samsung), but it is recording significant declines. Its global bosses decided to take advantage of Huawei’s departure from the scene and jump with their best smartphones on the Premium shelf. For now, however, “Premium” is just the price, the rest of the Xiaomi 12 series is not. Issues with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, software and lack of finishing touches on photos bow. Fortunately, the latter is likely to change soon, since the official cooperation with the photographic company Leica gives hope for a significant qualitative leap, as was the case with Huawei a few years ago. But so far willing to pay more than 5000.PLN for Xiaomi phones is not too much.

Fortunately, the company’s portfolio includes POCO devices, and the F4 GT model is one of the most interesting for me this year. Because there is and it has its own character. And that can’t be said for most smartphones.

OnePlus Spectrum

Go further. Two years ago, OnePlus officially entered Poland, and the problems with the availability of devices from this company came to an end. They could be bought at all major electronics chains, the well-priced Nord 2 is still recommendable, as are the flagships 9 and 9 Pro after considerable discounts. The company, however, quietly withdrew from our country and its latest devices, and there are a lot of them, you can only order via the Internet. It’s a shame, even if the flagship 10 Pro does not stand out from the competition. It’s a nice device that does a good job of taming Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 temperatures, but the price is high, so it’s no longer a bargain to buy.

Similarly, you can write about OPPO, which finally took a chance and showed off the flagship Find X5 Pro in Poland. So far, the company has kept devices from this line away from us. Now she took a risk, but with a price of 6,000. PLN is unlikely to be a trading success. On the other hand, I appreciate that we finally got a phone from this top-shelf manufacturer. I also don’t think the company is betting on gigantic sales, I would rather call its move an image move.

It is behind us, and what awaits us?

I’m looking forward to the most…the upgraded version of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+. It must be produced by Taiwan TSMC, not Samsung. Its technology is rated higher than the Koreans, so there is hope for better power management. However, the ARMv9 module responsible for this remains the same, so success is not guaranteed…

Nothing Telephone

Let’s move on to phones. The premiere of the Nothing smartphones looks the most exciting. The culprit is Carl Pei – one of the co-founders of OnePlus. The company very effectively creates its “founding myth”, its device is supposed to look unique. For now, less is known about the interior, according to a leak, the processor must come from the top shelf, according to others, it will be a mid-range Snapdragon, and the price will be quite high , reaching 500 euros. We should find out which version turns out to be true in August. In any case, the appearance of a new brand on the currently very difficult market must be considered an act of considerable courage.

Motorola Frontier

The second intriguing debut is the Motorola Frontier. It will be the first smartphone equipped with a camera with a resolution of 200 MP. This may come as a bit of a surprise, as Motorola is known for everything but the highest quality photography. But it may be a new opening for the producer. The company is constantly building its position in the upper segment, it does a great job in the middle shelf and does not throw its hoe in the sun. So perhaps in the intimacy of the laboratories she has developed algorithms that will allow her to tame such enormous optics. I cross my fingers, we will know everything in July.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra

The second device with a 200 MP matrix will be Xiaomi 12 Ultra. And here it also becomes interesting, because as I already wrote, this will be the first smartphone created with Leica. We will see what the photos will look like and if a jump in the quality of the photography will be visible.

New folders

There’s a lot going on in the foldable device market, but really we have Samsung and nothing for a long time. Huawei will present its Mate X3 in June. It’s interesting because it’s the only one that folds with the screen on the outside, not the inside. What’s less interesting is that it won’t have Google services, of course. Maybe OPPO will finally leave China, as Find N is eagerly awaiting a successor. The smartphone is compact, very practical for a foldable device, and we hope that the company will dare to distribute it outside the country of origin. Of course, we will also see the next generations of Samsung foldable phones, i.e. the new Foldy and Flips. If the company stays the course to lower its price (especially the latter), it could be a success.

iPhone without note

And finally, the iPhone. Apple device lovers will be in for a treat in the fall. Apparently the notch will disappear and Always on Display will appear. Performance and price will likely increase as well.

Source: Jon Prosser, Ian Zelbo

There will also be new Pixels on the market. But although in private I am their lover and user, I cannot understand the lack of official distribution in Poland. And because for that reason they won’t support, say, 5G, it’s hard to treat them as anything other than a curiosity. Although hopefully that will eventually change and Google will start noticing our country in this regard as well.

Work on the software

Do any of these premieres give me a thrill of tension and excitement? Honestly – not really. I’m interested in the Nothing device, but I’m afraid there will be little rain from a big cloud, but in this case rather average.

Plus, I would like companies to follow Samsung’s path and instead of running for numbers – work on the quality of software or photo processing. Perhaps they will be forced into it by the crisis, due to which there are fewer parts, processors on the market. And which, as you can see, stopped the rather insane race for numbers in the benchmarks. May the producers use this time wisely.

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