[SPT #213] Shocking rape in the metaverse – how did it happen, and is it even possible?

The month of June is off to a good start, the holidays are fast approaching and the weather at the seaside is not spoiling. If you are planning summer trips and did not have time to visit android.com.pl, SPT (subjective summary of the week) is especially for you. A few things caught my eye this week, but what shocked me the most was the rape in the metaverse.

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Praise – Microsoft Apps

Microsoft’s best apps. The Microsoft Store has finally become useful. You can easily find programs that will enrich the user experience of Windows 11. The Redmond giant has decided in recent days to summarize the best applications that are currently in the Microsoft Store. I decided to check out a few of them and admit that some will stay on my desk. I liked the simple internet speed measurement tool based on the speedtest.net site. Torrex fans must see the Torrex Lite app, which is extremely useful, but also pretty. Fluent Screen Recorder can also be very useful, since it will allow you to easily record what we are doing on the desktop. But what I like the most is the Files App program. It is a file manager application with tabs at the top. It’s a feature I’m looking forward to in Windows 11.

Diablo Immortal is now available for download. I’m probably one of the few people who received the Diablo Immortal leak information positively. Fans of the hack’n’slash series have not left a dry wire at Blizzard Entertainment, since they learned that this title is a game for smartphones. At the time, however, it was unclear whether normal, legitimate Diablo would appear on computers. We now know that Diablo IV is heading to PCs… and fans still hate the title on smartphones. I don’t understand – I’m glad I can kill monsters on my mobile device. Well, it did, as Diablo Immortal finally had its premiere on iOS and Android. To play, you need 1.92 GB of internal memory and of course a Battle.net account. The campaign will take players around 20 hours and the graphics are quite nice to look at. Worth giving the title a chance!

Martian helicopter goes crazy on Mars. NASA does what it can to study the surface of Mars in several ways. For those who do not observe these struggles, it may seem shocking that a small helicopter flies over the surface of the planet. The vehicle had the opportunity to fly up to 25 times. During one of his flybys, he made a fascinating video that NASA shared on the web. In the black-and-white film, the Red Planet’s surface can be seen 33 feet away. You can find the video in the link!

NesoBus is a Polish hydrogen bus! I watched with interest the premiere of the Polsat group, which decided to enter the bus market. The company presented a hydrogen vehicle that could revolutionize public transport in Poland. Several cities are already interested in this type of vehicle, for example Gdańsk. I confess that I was intrigued by the appearance of the bus, which is not scary – and in the case of Polish producers (I’m looking at you: Ursus and Autosan) it is a great success! The front of the vehicle looks modern, but I liked the rear the most. These lights remind me a bit of the ones you see in the new MAN Lions City. The future will tell whether such a bus conquers Polish cities in large numbers. Mass production is due to start next year in Świdnik. I wonder and a little worried about the lack of an articulated model in the offer. I hope that in the future such versions will also have a chance to conquer the Polish streets.

Rape in the Metaverse. I’m very curious if the metaverse will actually become a place where people want to meet digitally. I have big doubts if it’s not an ordinary balloon that will burst, because people will not be interested in this type of universe. The virtual world has not moved yet and the first serious problems have already appeared. One of the users complained that less than an hour after appearing in the metaverse, she was raped! How do we know this and what can such a practice look like? It is doubtful that in the virtual world two characters can physically interact with each other – the creators simply do not provide such opportunities, since some users would use such functions even for fun. However, in the metaverse, the user has controllers that begin to vibrate when touched by another virtual person. Here, one should ask whether this contact with the virtual character was in fact harassment. How to evaluate it under such conditions? It’s hard to gauge this situation, but one thing is certain – the metaverse is headed in the wrong direction if such situations haven’t been standardized or regulated in some way beforehand.

Ladybug with a new application. I was skeptical about the information that Biedronka released an app for smartphones. This is another program that unfortunately will clutter my smartphone. I confess that I hate shopping apps where you have to have accounts, have barcodes and look for discounts. This is more or less the same way the new Biedronka app works. Perhaps the only useful feature here is the price scanner – I often found it unsuccessfully in the store. It should also be noted that the premiere of the application was not without problems. Users have complained about connection difficulties and yellow screen errors.

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