Swimming pool in your own garden? An investment can touch your pocket

Before answering the question of how much it costs to build a residential swimming pool, we must first identify the construction options. Contractors offer several popular types of swimming pools that are suitable for both commercial and home use, in a conservatory and outside the property.

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Mobility is the basic criterion of the division. The offerings for sale include simple portable pools (eg, expanding, inflatable, rack) as well as much larger products for permanent use. The second group consists of pools in the garden. Their price will depend on the size, design specifics and quality of materials used. The following pools are perfect at home and in the garden:

With a concrete basin – is a classic solution that can be used on any chosen size. A garden pool with a concrete basin can have any depth and shape. Its advantage is its high durability, the ability to adapt to the requirements of each investor and the possibility of any combination with additional water attractions. The basin can be made of reinforced concrete or concrete blocks. The only drawback of this solution may be the higher construction cost. The concrete swimming pool basin is usually finished with glass mosaic or swimming pool film. Residential swimming pool projects in the garden can meet the expectations of the most demanding investors.

With a steel pan – at home and in the garden, you can also make a swimming pool with a stainless steel basin. This is a somewhat less popular modern solution, which is distinguished by high strength and an attractive appearance. The stainless steel basin meets the highest hygiene standards, does not require additional maintenance and can have many attractive shapes. The price of this solution may be slightly lower compared to concrete troughs, but this is not a rule. The final cost of the garden pool will depend on the size and the technology used. A big advantage, however, is the quick assembly of a garden pool. Products with a stainless steel basin can be installed in a few days. This type of solution is perfect for private use in the garden and in public buildings.

The pool in the garden or in the house can have additional lighting. It is a solution that affects the investment cost, but is very popular. Outdoor lighting lamps are perfect for a backyard pool. An additional solution will be pool lights that effectively illuminate the water in the pond. Lighting can be any color or change color with the use of additional controllers. The ability to change the RGB color is not only an effective look during the day, but also a very interesting visual effect after dark. Additional external pool lights make it easier to navigate thoroughfares and increase user safety.

The cost of building a residential swimming pool depends on the technology chosen, as well as the size of the swimming pool itself and the quality of the materials used. It’s a good idea to compare different models and choose the one that best suits your home or garden. It is recommended to use the services of an experienced company that specializes in the construction of swimming pools in the garden and has good opinions. Through this, we will ensure that the implementation is done to the highest standards.

There is no simple answer to the question of how much it costs to build a backyard swimming pool. The investment price depends on many individual factors. Most contractors only provide implementation costs after determining the needs of the investor. We can assume that the price of a large concrete or steel basin starts at around 30,000 PLN. It is a relatively low cost to make a swimming pool in a garden or indoors. The price includes complete design documentation, tailored to our needs and expectations. The costs also include all necessary materials and a full assembly service.

Sometimes the price of a garden pool turns out to be much higher. Concrete pools of more sophisticated shapes, with a number of additional attractions and modern technological solutions can cost more than PLN 50,000. Generally, even higher prices are generated by the construction of large heated pools.

An alternative is to build your own garden pool yourself. The price will again depend on the specifics of the design, the quality of the materials used, and the size and shape of the basin. Self-construction of a simple pool with a spacious basin should be limited to ten thousand. If you are looking for more information about swimming pools, check out these articles.

The high price of concrete pools makes them a luxurious and unpopular solution in our climatic conditions. The alternative is often a smaller extension and rack pools. We can put them in the garden and assemble them after the end of the summer season.

A portable rack or expansion pool does not take up property space all year round. This is one of their main strengths. An attractive purchase price proves to be an additional advantage. We will buy small pools for a few hundred zlotys, while very large family models will cost up to several thousand zlotys. The offers for sale include many models, available with all the necessary equipment.

Choosing a mobile garden pool will be safer if young children move around the garden. High walls and an additional folding ladder prevent accidental falls into the pool basin. Also, we can put a smaller amount of water inside the expansion basin. The pool increases in height as the water level rises. Therefore, we may adjust its settings according to individual user preferences.

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