The extension of the Center for Technical Sciences is coming to an end

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As part of the investment of almost 8 million PLN, the facility on Kościerska Street has gained, among other things, a new wing with an auditorium, classrooms, and thanks to the elevator it opens its walls to students with disabilities, who travel in wheelchairs.

The extension of the Center of Technical Sciences, which includes Technical Secondary School No. 1 and the Center for Vocational and Further Education, is carried out by the company Telmax from Człuchów for the amount of PLN 7.7 million at the request of the Poviat Starosty in Chojnice. The task is co-financed by the Government Fund for Local Investments. It was originally assumed that the work was to be completed less than a year after work resumed, but in the meantime an annex has been signed twice with a contractor struggling with employee issues during the pandemic. of coronavirus. According to the latest deadline for completion of work is May 16th.
New wing and renovations
During the implementation of the task, the work was divided into four stages. First of all, the school building was extended with an auditorium for 169 people, including classrooms, toilets, service and communication rooms and an elevator. The new wing is air-conditioned with recuperation. – Until now, we held all ceremonies and meetings with parents in the gymnasium. Now they will take place in the auditorium – says Adam Krause, director of the Center for Technical Sciences. The stairs have been redone and the woodwork has been replaced. The builders expand the school with a lobby, rebuild the janitor and the warehouse, which now form the locker room. Further work included the demolition of the annex with stairs and the construction of new ones on level minus 1, the liquidation of the main entrance with stairs. The last step was the reconstruction of the school toilets. The final finishing works are currently underway in the building.
Barrier-free and safer
– After the expansion, we became the only post-primary school in the poviat, fully adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility. I have already received three phone calls from my parents who wanted to make sure that was the case, says the head of the establishment. Thanks to the elevator, students with disabilities will be able to move around the main building without any problems. There are also two toilets for students with special needs.
After the reconstruction, the administration of the two schools was brought together in one place and the director got a spacious new office. Another important aspect is the fire road around the main building. – She wasn’t here before. In the premises of the institution there are four fire zones, each of which has a separate escape route, and one of the stairs is ventilated – explains the head of the institution.
Parking, greenery and savings
As part of the task, a heating node was replaced, and the separation of five circuits already brings specific savings. After the expansion, the CNT gained 1,200 square meters of usable space, with a total of 7,800 plus the Orlik land. There were also more parking spaces. There are 25 in total, 18 of them in the parking lot in front of the main building along Kościerska Street. About fifty trees felled during the investment will be replaced by new plantations. – Most likely, it will be spruces that we will plant between the growing birches on the side of the clinic – informs the director. If a school is lucky in a competition organized by the “Ekoczynni” foundation, its immediate surroundings will take on greener accents. Young people apply for more than 45 thousand. zloty. The ecological design was carried out by a class of building technicians. Eventually, the number of cameras outside and inside the facility will also increase. There will be 64 in total.
In the current school year, 663 students are studying at the Technical School on Kościerska Street, another 267 are attending adult education, and 443 students from vocational schools in Malachina, Brus and Chojnice are involved in the so-called train young employees.

Archival material. The article was published in “Czas Chojnic” on May 12, 2022, n° 19/1037.

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