This is how much we will pay to heat the house in 2022. The most expensive gas

In 2022, energy consumers must take into account a significant increase in bills. How will announced increases in electricity and gas prices translate into higher home heating costs? This is indicated in the list prepared by the Polish Organization for the Development of Heat Pump Technology PORT PC.

According to recent decisions of the Energy Regulatory Office, in 2022 the total average increase in the statistical household account settled globally (sales and distribution in the G11 group) will amount to approximately 24%. compared to 2021, which means an increase of approximately 21 PLN net per month.

Regarding gas costs, for the statistical beneficiary of group W-1.1 who uses gas to prepare meals, the payment will be higher by 41%, which means an increase in the bill of about 9 PLN per month net. For beneficiaries of group W 2.1, the payment will increase by 54%, or 56 PLN net per month. On the other hand, consumers who consume the most fuel, i.e. those who heat their homes with gas (tariff group W-3.6), will pay around PLN 174 net per month more (58% increase).

These significant increases are to be partially offset by the reduction in the VAT rate on electricity and gas in the first quarter of 2022 – by 23%. up to 5 and 8%, respectively, the reduction to zero of the excise tax on electricity from 5 PLN / MWh, or the introduction of additional subsidies for sensitive customers.

Among other things, an allocation to industry is planned, which should also mitigate the impact of the rise in electricity prices on household wallets. It should be from 400 PLN to 1150 PLN, depending on the income of the farm.

Nevertheless, energy consumers must take into account a significant increase in energy costs.

We will pay the same for heating

The Polish Organization for the Development of Heat Pump Technology PORT PC presented estimates of heating costs that can be in 2022 with the use of individual devices and the preparation of domestic hot water for a building of 160 m2 meeting WT 2014 standards, inhabited by a family of 4.

The calculations were based on the consumption of domestic hot water in the amount of 200 liters per day and the annual demand for central heating at the level of 85 kWh / m2.

The compilation shows that the highest cost will be for homes using a gas condensing boiler. This can be up to 8,840 PLN per year. The cost of heating with an oil condensing boiler (6,860 PLN) and a coal boiler (6,430 PLN) should be slightly lower.

In turn, according to PORT PC, the lowest-paying households are households using a wood-fired boiler (2,160 PLN), as well as owners of heat pumps – depending on the type of pump, it should be 2,660 PLN ( brine / water heat pump) to PLN 4,040 (gas pump). hot). If we take into account the prepared VAT reduction for electricity from 23% to 5%, the use of a heat pump will be cheaper – it would cost 2,270 PLN to 3,450 PLN, respectively.

The annual cost of heating a building with an area of ​​160 m2 (WT 2014 standard) and preparing domestic hot water for a household of 4 people (given in PLN without VAT reduction for electricity). Source: PCPORT.

PORT PC also presented a cost analysis for a new house with the same area of ​​160 m2, but with a lower heat demand due to compliance with the EP <55 kWh standard. In this case, the same heat consumption for domestic hot water was assumed, but a lower heat consumption for 35 kWh / m2 / year.

In this case, the most expensive heating with a gas condensing boiler per year costs 5,020 PLN, while the cheapest method of heating with a wood boiler generates costs of 1,230 PLN. The cost of heating in a house equipped with a heat pump – depending on its type – should range from 1,670 PLN (brine / water heat pump) to 2,290 PLN (gas heat pump), and taking into account VAT reduction in case of heat pumps, it would be 1420 PLN to 2010 PLN.

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