Apple introduced iOS 16 –

Like every year, during the opening Keynote of the WWDC conference, Apple presented new operating systems, including iOS 16, offering many new features and changes to the interface.

Lock screen

In iOS 16, the lock screen has been completely redesigned. It is now similar to the Apple Watch complication screen. Now you can place a lot of information there, including, for example, activity information, weather information with appropriate animation, you can change the king of letters for date and time, set a photo filter. Apple also provides a gallery of wallpapers, etc. Additionally, developers can add their own additional information.

Notifications now appear at the bottom of the locked screen. The user can hide them. In turn, important information may appear in a block called Live Activities. The appropriate versions of the lock screen can also be assigned to the appropriate focus mode.

Focus mode filters

This new feature allows you to assign focus mode filters for selected apps to display relevant information for a given focus mode.

What’s new in the Messages app

iOS 16’s Messages app now lets you edit or even delete previously sent messages. The user can also mark a given message as unread and come back to it later.

What’s new in the Mail app

Finally, the Mail application has many functions offered by competing programs, including the ability to cancel the sending of a message, to set the time and date of sending a given message. A given message can also be deferred, specifying when or after what time the messaging program should remind us.

shared with you

Apple extends Shareplay to other applications. It is now available in Facetime and News. Moreover, you can also share tabs in Safari.


One cool feature introduced for Apple Pay and the Wallet app is Apple Pay Later. It allows you to split the payment into four installments that are refunded within six weeks of purchase. The progress of the refund will of course be visible in the Wallet application. However, it’s unclear if this feature will be available in all countries and for all cards available in Apple Pay, or if it will be limited to just the US and a few other countries.

Another great feature available as part of the Apple PAY service is Apple Pay order tracking. It allows you to easily track shipments with products purchased online.


Apple has announced the introduction of redesigned cards for eleven more countries. Unfortunately, Poland is still not on the list.

New features that were showcased during Keynote include

  • Multi-stop route, allowing up to 50 stops to be added to the route. Stops can also be added while driving with Siri navigation.
  • Transit: more and more information on public transport, including the possibility of buying tickets in the Wallet application (this function will probably not be available soon in Poland).


Apple has unveiled the new iCloud Shared Photo Library service, which is an additional shared photo library for the whole family. All family members have the same rights to add, delete and comment on photos. Above all, it does not replace individual libraries.


The Home app has been significantly rebuilt, allowing you to manage smart home devices running as part of HomeKit.


The changes to CarPlay are perhaps one of the biggest changes that were showcased during Keynote. The new CarPlay, as long as the manufacturer supports all its functions, will allow the display of several applications not only on the screen of the infotainment computer, but also on the screen with clocks. And that’s not all – CarPlay will be able to display its own view of custom clocks.

Custom spatial audio

I must also mention the announcement of personalized Spatial Audio, thanks to which the user will be able to adjust this function to his needs.

game center

In Game Center, users will now be able to see not only the results in given games, but also the activity of their friends, what they have played recently, etc.

Fitness app without a watch

This is one of the most important novelties in my opinion. Now, thanks to the gyroscope and accelerometer built into the iPhone, the user will be able to record their activity in the Fitness app without needing to use the watch. It’s a bit strange that Apple has taken so long to implement a feature that’s been available in the Fitbit app for years. It is important, however, that it is already there.


Apple mentioned this feature when discussing macOS Ventura, but it will be available on other systems as well. Apple intends to replace traditional passwords with special tokens using, among other things, biometrics. All passkeys are stored on the device, they are not transmitted directly to the service or website, so they cannot be stolen. They also need to be synced between devices via iCloud Keychain. Apple also announced that support for PassKeys will be offered by Microsoft and Google services.

Continuity Camera

This feature was also mentioned during the presentation of macOS Ventura. It will now allow you to use the iPhone as a Mac webcam with the same functions that the camera offers, for example in the latest iPads, i.e. Center Stage or Studio Light. In addition, when using a camera with an Ultra Wide lens (available, among others, in the latest iPhones), you will be able to use the DeskView view, showing the desktop in front of the screen.

This is of course not all that is new in iOS 16, I have just mentioned what I paid particular attention to.

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