Bill Gates is developing the ar vr metaverse

In recent months, there has been more and more talk about the development of AR and VR technologies. This is largely the result of the rebranding of Facebook, whose parent company changed its name to Meta. The company also announced a new development direction, namely the construction of a virtual meeting space, or metaverse. Microsoft also presented similar intentions.

At this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference, company CEO Satya Nadella outlined plans to create shared virtual worlds as entirely new platforms that will allow people to integrate the real world into a digital reality. The technology used by Microsoft also aims to offer each user a “real presence in the digital space”. Note here that the structures created by the company will work within the Microsoft Cloud service.

Metaverse lets you share experiences in both the physical and digital world. As companies accelerate their digital transformation, the metaverse can help people meet in a digital environment, make meetings more comfortable through the use of avatars, and facilitate creative collaboration across the globe. – we read on Microsoft’s blog.

The development of virtual and augmented reality is electrifying tech experts around the world. It turns out that the great potential of the metaverse is also noticed by Bill Gates, who referenced virtual reality in the last entry on his official blog. The creator of the Redmond company’s success predicts that in the next two or three years, most virtual conference meetings will take place in 3D space.

Metaverse will allow you to use your avatar to meet people in a virtual space that to some extent mimics the feeling of coming to see conference attendees in a real room. Callers will need VR glasses and motion capture gloves to accurately capture facial expressions and body language. Most people don’t have these tools yet, which will slow the adoption of this technology somewhat. One of the factors that has changed the format of video conferencing is the fact that many people already have access to computers and camera phones. Microsoft plans to introduce a software release next year that will use a webcam in devices to animate an avatar in the current 2D setup. – explains Bill Gates.

The Microsoft founder also notes that the rapid development of AR and VR technologies was largely due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, which forced companies to change their working model for remote work. The creation of the metaverse is therefore an attempt to adapt to the ever-changing pandemic and post-pandemic reality.

Interestingly, a month ago Microsoft tried to cool the atmosphere around the metaverse a bit.

We talk about the metaverse as if we are entering a whole new reality. Don’t think of it as going to heaven after death. We will always live and operate with people in the real world. I think the metaverse will be a very big and important project. However, we must ensure an adequate level of confidentiality, cybersecurity and protect users against misinformation and manipulation, commented Brad Smith for Reuters.

The Microsoft president also noted in an interview that tech companies will need to find compromises in order to create platforms that will give users a greater sense of security on the internet. Smith added that Big Techy should be aware that it will not circumvent new government regulations and that the law should be taken seriously.

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