Budimex says it is finalizing work on the Goleniów-Ciecierzyce gas pipeline, part of the Baltic Pipe

Budimex is finalizing work on the Goleniów – Ciecierzyce gas pipeline, the longest section of the land part of the Baltic Pipe system, the company announced on Monday. As indicated, the start-up and gasification of the section are planned for the summer. The company is the general contractor for the 122 km section of the pipeline.

The investment provides for the construction of a gas pipeline with a diameter of 1000 mm and an operating pressure of 8.4 MPa on the section from the compressor station in Goleniów to the sluice station in Ciecierzyce, the reconstruction of Goleniów compressor station, construction of linear Kolonia Kiczarowo dam and relief complex with bypass systems, and construction of linear dams and relief units in Przywodzie and Buszów, as well as systems, additional infrastructure , the active corrosion protection system of the gas pipeline, as well as its gasification and commissioning .

According to the company, in June, together with the investor – the operator of the gas transmission network Gaz-System – it plans to conduct a technical acceptance. This is a month before the contractual deadline – noted Budimex. The gasification and commissioning of the section will be carried out in June and July, and the occupation permit should be obtained in July – the company estimates.

As Artur Popko, CEO of Budimex, points out, this is a very important contract for the company, both because of the scale and the need to ensure the best quality of the gas pipeline. – At the same time, despite the difficult situation in the building materials market and the exodus of Ukrainian workers, we managed to maintain a high pace of work. Everything indicates that the section we are building, as well as the facilities that accompany it, will obtain an occupation permit as early as July – assured Popko, quoted in the press release.

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The Baltic Pipe must strengthen energy security

As he recalled, the Baltic Pipe project implemented by Gaz-System is a strategic element of the infrastructure of our country, which aims to strengthen the energy security of the state.

Budimex Energy Construction Manager Piotr Święcki recalled that this was the company’s third contract for Gaz-System. – As with the section of the pipeline to Slovakia that we are implementing, we also plan to complete the Baltic Pipe section ahead of schedule, although there have been many engineering challenges. Avoiding ground obstacles, such as rivers or roads, required 55 trenchless crossings, microtunneling, drilling and sinking methods, and 4 crossings using the latest Direct Pipe technology. This is how the boreholes under the Ina, Pełcz and Krąpiel rivers were made, and the last, the longest in Poland, at the Warta river, with a length of 1400 m – mentioned Świecki.

The borehole under the Warta River at the lowest point is located at a depth of 40 m. On the remaining fragments, the pipeline was laid to a minimum depth of 1.2 m in a properly prepared trench, on some sections secured with sheet piling due to the prevailing geological conditions.

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A new gas supply route

According to the contract manager at Budimex, Szczepan Konopczak, the entire pipeline in the ground is already laid, it has also passed all the pressure tests, and we have completed the line welding and assembly.

– We have made guaranteed welds at the limits of the test sections and we are now at the stage of the works consisting in testing the gas pipeline with a geometric piston, so that in June we can proceed with the technical acceptance with the investor, start gasification and start-up – said Konopczak.

The Baltic Pipe pipeline is to create a new natural gas supply route from Norway to the Danish and Polish markets and to end users in neighboring countries. The gas pipeline will be able to transport a maximum of 10 billion cubic meters. gas per year to Poland and 3 billion cubic meters. from Poland to Denmark.

The investors are transport operators: the Danish Energinet and the Polish Gaz-System. According to plans, the transmission channel is to start operating on October 1, 2022 and reach full capacity in early 2023.

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