Channel on the Vistula Spit. Here’s how the opposition mocked the PiS government’s investments

At the PiS convention, Jarosław Kaczyński spoke about government investments, including the excavation of the Vistula spit. Deputy Climate Minister Małgorzata Golińska recalled that the project had been ridiculed by PO politicians and the media and environmental organizations that favored them. “There is no documentation and there is no beginning of excavations” – sneered in 2018 one of the main representatives of the Platform, Sławomir Neumann. “Hypocrisy”, thundered Borys Budka. Meanwhile, a few years later, the canal lock is already full of water.

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PiS President Jarosław Kaczyński said over the weekend that we have huge investments that have been forgotten for many years.

– First of all, the central communication port – he pointed out, but added that the following elements are also important today: the ditch of the spit of the Vistula, Ditch near Świną, defense of Polish shipyards and 115 billion investment in national roads.

“Regarding the strategic investments that Prime Minister Kaczyński spoke about during the PiS convention – lock filled with water. The Spit Ditch is near!” – commented on Twitter Deputy Climate Minister and Chief Nature Conservator Małgorzata Golińska.

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“The canal under construction (unlike the road crossing Russia so far), will be entirely within the territory of Poland. Here are a handful of memories,” she wrote.

She provided screenshots resembling what happened in Poland four years ago when PiS started the project.

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“The government has issued a political verdict on the spit and the Vistula Lagoon” – threatened Greenpeace although today we know that the investment has obtained all the necessary environmental approvals and EU approvals related to nature protection.

“Kaczynski plays in the sand” – mocked the symbolic shoveling of the far-left portal.

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The loudest opponents of the construction of the canal, however, were the PO politicians. “You are the real pegs that you are. (…) Just a photo and cheating. You can do it, wrote Sławomir Neumann.

“The people have been deceived, that the ditch of the Spit begins. Without an environmental decision, a building permit, a tender,” added Tomasz Siemoniak, the deputy head of the PO, who assured the Poles at a special conference that the canal would never be built in this region.

“All in all, the man will soon miss a part of this PiS in power,” added Tomasz Lis (the former boss of “Newsweek”, who had recently left the company under not entirely clear circumstances) , when he claimed in 2018 that Law and Justice would soon be losing the election and losing power in Poland.

“The president and his subordinates planted a stake,” joked Gazeta Wyborcza employee Paweł Wroński.

“And it’s a position within our possibilities!” – wrote a spokesman for Rafał Trzaskowski.

“Hypocrisy” – alarmed Borys Budka.

“Hey, young Junaku, fight your grief and your fear,” OP’s Maciej Lasek added.

What this place looks like four years later is now shown by Internet users.

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