Gdańsk Kokoszki houses. Primary and secondary market offers

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Houses in Gdańsk Kokoszki are mainly individual properties, but also terraced houses. The calm nature of the neighborhood attracts families with children and the elderly. New educational institutions and children’s attractions are being created in Kokoszki. Adults appreciate the opportunity to walk in the forest and indulge in the outdoors.

Kokoszki is a neighborhood with an area of ​​almost 20 square kilometers, inhabited mainly by adults up to 59 years old and children. It combines residential and industrial functions. In the neighborhood there are, among others The Maszynowa Industrial and Technological Park and the nearby airport. However, the facilities do not affect the comfort of everyday life in other parts of Kokoszki – Karczemki, Smęgorzyn or Kiełpina Górny.

Houses Gdańsk Kokoszki – proximity to nature

Houses in Gdańsk Kokoszki are a good investment for people who appreciate a quiet area close to forests and nature. In a few minutes, residents can reach the Sulmiński Forest located in the southern part of the district. There is also Lake Otomińskie, Lake Jasień and several small water reservoirs and parks nearby. By choosing a house in Gdańsk Kokoszki, you will also easily reach the Tricity Landscape Park. The number of walking and cycling trails is one of the area’s greatest assets.

Residents of Gdańsk Kokoszki houses take care of the neighborhood. The gardens are full of flowers and green plants. Another outdoor activity can be walking through neighborhood streets.

Accommodation Gdańsk Kokoszki – infrastructure

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The Tricity Beltway runs through Kokoszki, making it easy to get to other parts of the city. They also run bus lines 26, 157, 167, 168, 267 and 268, as well as regional buses to Kashubian cities. By car, you will reach Śródmieście by about 10-15 minutes. Travel time increases during peak hours.

Gdańsk Kokoszki is still a rapidly developing district. New educational institutions are regularly created – nurseries and kindergartens, as well as sales and service outlets – shops, doctors’ surgeries, gyms and restaurants. However, the district does not stand out for its vast entertainment offer. Most locals, however, see the benefits of low interest in Kokoszki among students and tourists.

Houses for sale Gdańsk Kokoszki – secondary market offers

Are you looking for a house for sale? Gdańsk Kokoszki offers detached houses as well as terraced houses. Large square footage, comfortable space, and proximity to nature appeal to downtown residents and people living outside the Tri-City.

Houses for sale in Gdańsk Kokoszki usually measure from 130 to 300 m². The variety of offers means that you will quickly find a property for yourself. Some of the facilities located closer to the center allow faster access to other neighborhoods and easier access to shops and points of sale and services. Do you prefer silence and nature? In Kokoszki you will find houses near the forest offering privacy, peace and contact with nature.

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Among the houses for sale in Gdańsk Kokoszki on the secondary market, the majority of construction offers were built after 2000. Most of the properties are ready to move in immediately.

The advantage of houses in Kokoszki are large plots with gardens. When you decide to invest, you can freely arrange the space. The gardens are particularly popular with families with children and pets. The additional space will be perfect for setting up a playground, a swimming pool or organizing meetings with loved ones.

How much do houses cost for sale? Gdańsk Kokoszki is a district where the price per square meter starts from 4-5 thousand. zloty. The most expensive real estate costs up to 11 thousand. PLN per m².

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Gdańsk Kokoszki – houses for sale from the primary market

The primary market is dominated by terraced and semi-detached houses. The modern construction is distinguished by its classic design and living comfort. The developers focus on combining functionality with the aesthetics of not only the building, but also the environment.

The terraced house projects also take care of the privacy of the inhabitants. There are at least three properties in the terraced houses, and the houses are connected to the other premises by one or two walls. The properties have separate entrances and separate areas. The big advantage is the lower investment costs.

Prices for houses for sale in Gdańsk Kokoszki in the primary market are at the level of 5-7 thousand. PLN per square meter

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