Houses in Karczemki – prices, offers, advantages of houses in Karczemki

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Karczemki houses are located in a housing estate in Gdańsk, which attracts with its quiet and family environment. Good communication with the city center means that you can reach Śródmieście in about ten minutes. The immediate proximity to the ring road is another communication advantage of Karczemki. The houses are distinguished by single-family homes, popular with young couples and families with children.

Karczemki is part of the Kokoszki district. The estate is surrounded by the unused railway line Wrzeszcz – Kokoszki from the north, ul. Kartuska from the south, Tricity Beltway from the east and ul. Inżynierska from the west. The name of the estate probably comes from the many taverns located on the road to Kartuzy. In the 1970s and 1980s housing estates began to emerge. Intensive construction of houses in Karczemki began in 2000.

Gdańsk Karczemki houses – how to live?

Gdańsk Karczemki houses are located about 8.5 km from the city center. A great convenience for residents is the Karczemki junction – one of the largest and most important junctions in Pomerania. The city center is accessible by three bus lines (267, 167 and 168). Line 268 and a night line also cross the area. Residents can also get to the Tri-City bypass quickly and without having to cross the city, get to Gdynia, Tczew or Elbląg, as well as enter the A1 highway.

Residents have easy access to local shops, but also to larger outlets – Leroy Merlin hypermarket and Auchan. The estate has a developed commercial and service infrastructure. There are nurseries, kindergartens and schools in the area.

House in Karczemki – proximity to nature

Karczemki houses are located on streets named after plants – Kalinowa, Storczykowa or Azaliowa. The nomenclature blends well with the surrounding greenery and the calm and family atmosphere. The area is distinguished by low traffic, and from time to time you can observe planes taking off and landing at Rębiechowo airport.

By choosing a house in Karczemki, you can enjoy the neat environment. Residents enjoy tending to their backyards and backyards where they spend their summer evenings. As you walk through the streets you will hear children playing in one of the play areas or playgrounds.

In the immediate vicinity of the Karczemki houses are the Tricity Landscape Park and Lake Jasień – perfect places for long walks. The house in Karczemki also allows you to quickly reach Kashubia.

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Houses for sale Gdańsk Karczemki – secondary market offers

Are you looking for a house for sale? Gdańsk Karczemki is an area offering terraced single-family houses, classic single-family houses and multi-family buildings. Houses for sale began to appear intensively after 2000. Currently, offers from the construction sector from 2013 predominate.

Houses for sale in Gdańsk Karczemki are mainly buildings with an area of ​​about 100 m2 and additional space for a garden. Among the offers you will find detached houses, as well as popular terraced or semi-detached houses. When you decide to buy a house in Karczemki, you don’t have to worry about parking spaces. Most buildings have their own parking lot or garage.

Houses for sale Gdańsk Karczemki from the secondary market are also equipped with:

  • all utilities: water, electricity, gas, sanitary sewer, internet, satellite TV,
  • heating: electric, and often also fireplace,
  • additional equipment: garden, garage, terrace, balcony, parking space.

Many houses are ready to move in immediately.

The prices of houses for sale in Gdańsk Karczemki on the secondary market are at the level of on average from 6 to 10 thousand m2

Gdańsk Karczemki houses for sale – primary market offers

More and more developers decide to invest in Karczemki. Homes on the primary market quickly find owners. Quiet and green, but at the same time close to the center, attract families with children and people tired of the noise of the city.

Houses for sale in Karczemki are mostly modern buildings that combine comfort and good design. Among the offers you will find detached houses and terraced houses with garden, garage or parking space.

Prices of houses for sale in Gdańsk Karczemki in the primary market are at the level of on average from 6 to 8 thousand m2

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