How do I unsubscribe from Netflix and unsubscribe? Step by step guide

netflix recently lost over 200,000 subscribersand the number keeps growing. Despite the expected increases, the VOD giant no longer offers the best quality of service. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that viewers are leaving.

They motivate their departure by an offer from their competitors or a better way to occupy their time. How do I unsubscribe from Netflix?

The first reason for Disabling Netflix ends the COVID-19 pandemic. During self-isolation and lockdowns, people have been forced to seek entertainment at home. Netflix was the perfect business back thenoffering the largest database of movies and series.

Now that the restrictions have been lifted, people are looking for entertainment outside the home. They can go for a walk, meet friends or watch new productions at the cinema.

Inflation is another reason to unsubscribe. Rising energy or food prices force users to save.

Netflix is ​​not helping in this situation, increasing the price of the most popular Premium plan in its offer. The company justifies the reduction of the budget by the situation in Ukraine and the fact that it has lost subscribers in Russia.

Viewers also decide to leave because of the competition’s offer. He is very active in our country Amazon Prime Video or HBO Max. Also, it will soon be added to the list Disney +. All of the companies mentioned offer much lower subscription amounts.

The highest Netflix subscription costs the equivalent of two subscriptions from the competition. The VOD giant is no longer able to encourage people with a library, because the companies mentioned also offer interesting titles in their database.

Netflix deactivation path is almost same on all devices. Please visit the website or launch the application. Then you have to by logging into your account. After logging in, hover over in the upper right cornerwhere is our avatar.

In the case of a phone, our account is located on the left, under the three horizontal lines icon.

We choose the option “Account“then go to the tab”Membership and billing“There is an option there.”Cancel Membership“.

After pressing this option, a selection will appear. It’s about whether we want to ditch the subscription payment altogether or just switch plans. The notice period depends on the activation date and the billing cycle. If the service was activated on the 24th of the month, the resignation must be submitted no later than the day before. Otherwise, you will be billed for the following month.

As we mentioned earlier, netflix has three subscription offers.

  • Basic scheme offers to watch titles on a single device in 480p quality. The package price is 29 PLN per month.
  • Standard formula provides access to two devices simultaneously and offers quality up to 1080p. This package has not changed in price. We have to pay 43 PLN per month for this.
  • Premium Package is the ability to watch movies and series on up to four devices. For this, 4K + HDR video quality is available. Unfortunately, such equipment is very expensive. We will pay 60 PLN per month for the Premium plan.

The competition does not sleep. It is therefore not surprising that some subscribers decide to switch to another provider with payments. What is the difference between Netflix and other companies? We present below three international platforms which, despite having a smaller library, can hold our attention.

  • HBO Max offers a database of films/series on 3 devices at the same time. Titles from this provider can be viewed in 4K+ HDR quality with enhanced sound thanks to Dolby Atmos. The cost of the monthly subscription is 29.99 PLN. We can also buy annual fee in the amount of 234.99 PLN.
  • Amazon Prime Video offers one month trial period to start. After this time, we can choose between a monthly subscription and an annual subscription. The monthly fee is PLN 10.99. More profitable is the annual subscription, which has remained unchanged in Poland for several months costs PLN 49. Here too we have access to 3 receivers and 4K + HDR quality.
  • Disney + is an offer that will appear on the Polish market in mid-June 2022. The service allows us to watch films and series on four receivers simultaneously in 4K quality. Additionally, select productions will receive IMAX Enhanced quality. This is a new picture and sound standard that enhances the projection experience. The service will cost 28.99 PLN per month. To start operating in our country, Disney+ offers a promotional annual subscription. If we purchase the supply by June 26, 2022, we will only pay 229.90 PLN for 12 months of access. We save almost 118 PLN over 12 months.

There are many other VOD offers in Poland. You will discover all the services, fees and amenities HERE.


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