The new Audi S8 – how does this technological orchestra conduct? – Test, first round

Audi stylists did a special trick: they enlarged the already huge grille of the S8, but no one raised a voice of outrage. The decorative strips have been replaced by a type of slatted mesh, and elements that are standard silver can now be ordered in pure black. One of the new paint finishes (Ultra Blue as in the photos, District Green or one of the carpets) also increases the chances of noticing that this is a refreshed Audi super limo.

Contrary to the garish tendencies of the S8, however, it retains the sought-after subtlety of appearance – as much as possible in the case of a 5.19 meter car topped with four raw flapped tailpipes. Without unnecessary tinsel, they play the elegant melody of the 571 hp V8. Lustful satisfaction is given by 800 Nm generated casually in the range of 2050 to 4500 rpm. Audi has not decided to mount this engine even more, so you have to accept the unchanged sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds – somehow …

The 4-liter has a 48-volt mild hybrid system and is capable of disengaging 4 cylinders at low loads. Above all, the switching point is practically imperceptible. Unfortunately, it looks different when the start-stop system restarts the engine after stopping at traffic lights – here you can feel a jerk, which should not be present in a car of this class with a soft hybrid. The gearbox, on the other hand, does not jerk even in dynamic mode and also works very smoothly in dense city traffic.

The beauty of the S8 concept is that in addition to excellent performance, it has been allowed to retain the dignity of a luxury limousine that captivates with its comfort. The soundproofing of the cabin and the comfort of the seats are top notch, on request you can of course hear the muffled hum of the engine and let yourself be tenderly rolled up on the sides of the seat. But the driving system plays the leading role in this technical orchestra.

Audi S8 – the suspension reacts to shocks in advance

Four super-fast electric actuators help the tires prevent bumps and rocking from interfering with the ride. The camera allows this clever system to react to shocks in advance. For this, however, it needs good visibility and may not notice all the unevenness (for example, it tolerates island-type speed bumps less well than those that extend the full width of the road), but you often feel like you’re hovering over irregularities. You will hear it faster than you will feel it when you pass the hole.

The trick of “standing at attention” when he grabs the door handle, i.e. raising the body 5 cm, is a plus for boarding comfort almost level of an SUV. The actuators will lift the S8 8 cm before a side impact to contact the most stable body parts and better protect the occupants. It should be noted that the predictive suspension is part of the standard equipment of the Audi S8.

Audi S8 – how does the rear axle steering work?

The feeling of speed can be easily and easily lost, but especially over long distances it has a very relaxing effect. A good headlock really helps to keep the driver’s license…the S8 always has precise control. The steering system converts the movement of the steering wheel very directly into the rotation of the front and rear wheels. This promotes agile bending in turns and once used to this very spontaneous response, the behavior of this 2.2 ton dribbler is great fun to swing from curve to curve and play with overloads.

Audi S8 – how does the rear axle steering work?

The sharp outline of the LED headlights can only be seen by a trained eye, but visually impaired people will especially appreciate the new functions of the so-called digital lights. Each shade contains an advanced system of 1.3 million micro-mirrors that actively adjust the radius to conditions and other road users. They can also, for example, illuminate the area of ​​the lane you are currently traveling on and, when the indicator is on, extend it to the adjacent lane. The solution was modeled on multimedia projectors and some functions of this type of digital matrix LED lighting fixtures also have: they greet and say goodbye with animated graphics on the floor or on the wall.

Audi S8 – ultra-advanced matrix headlights

The rear screens, which stream content from the phone, including Netflix, also offer better entertainment than before. The 23-speaker Bang & Olufsen caresses your hearing. The voice control system recognizes commands precisely, but they cannot be formulated as freely as, for example, at Mercedes. But Audi now fulfills more wishes in terms of the interior color scheme, which is otherwise virtually unchanged – that is, it is still very noble, tactile and technically cool.

Audi S8 – our opinion

One would have thought that Audi would launch even more fireworks on the occasion of the facelift of the A8 and S8 to better resist the new gadgets of the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes Class S. whose car combines comfort and agility so well. The ideal car for fast and long journeys.

Audi S8 – technical data (manufacturer)

Engine V8 biturbo petrol
Shift 3996cc
Power 571 hp at 6,000 rpm
Couple 800 Nm at 2050-4500 rpm
Conduct 4×4
Transmission self. 8b
Length Width Height 5190/1945/1475 millimeters
Proper weight 2220 kilograms
Luggage compartment capacity 505 liters
0-100km/h 3.8 seconds
Vmax 250km/h
Marry consumption according to WLTP 10.7l/100km
CO2 emissions according to WLTP 245g/km
Price PLN 630,200

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