They installed a cell phone mast. 40 cows died

A mobile phone mast has been erected next to a pasture overlooking the Alps. It is unfortunate that 40 cows died, and although there is no evidence that it was the fault of the neighboring building, the anti-cell community has already delivered its verdict.

Communications Institute prepared another column of the series #SayCheck, in which he refutes various types of fake news related, among other things, to electromagnetic radiation generated by telecommunications infrastructure, including 5G networks. In the latest episode, the experts describe the story of a certain pasturein the vicinity of which the unfortunate was built cell mast. And that’s where it all started.

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As is known, dairy production is based on the grazing of cattle called cow. Grazing cattle are called milk producers. The circle is closed. One of these producers is a French Frederic Sageres. In July 2021, Mr. Frédéric’s hitherto happy cows gained an unwanted new neighbor. About 250 meters from their buffet arose cell phone mast. According to the Sageres, it was the beginning of the disaster. Over the next few months, the health of their pets deteriorated dramatically. According to the breeders, the amount of milk coming from the animals was to decrease dramatically.

However, the decrease in milk production is not the only misfortune suffered by cows. Some of the cows she lost her sighta 40 of them died. The Sageres family was unequivocally convinced that the culprit is the metal structure. After all, it was good, and since the mast pushed up, it was good to stop. With the support of the Gaec de Coupet dairy cooperative, concerned winegrowers have contributed legal action against the operator and the installation contractor. April 23, 2022, Administrative Court of Clermont-Ferrand ruled on the temporary shutdown of the base station. She had to make the decision expert report Jean-Dominique Puyt.

In the opinion of a local biophysicist and his dedicated fans, that’s all unequivocal proof that electromagnetic radiation harms all living organismsof which the cows are the perfect proof. If a single mast built in 4G technology, which has been in operation for 10 years, can finish a representative of the Selers breed weighing 800 kilograms, what can 5G masts lead to? The problem is that the court ruling did not identify the mobile phone base station as the perpetrator of the eventswhich affected the Sageres family and their pets. Appointed specialist in the field of veterinary medicine he could not identify the causes of the death of the cattle. Due to the enigmatic death of the cows, the referees decided to temporarily stop the mast for a period of two months. This is to provide a broader perspective and provide more data on the case at hand.

Contrary to the editor’s obvious suggestion – the material is not a final judgment in the case. Moreover, the resolution does not mean that the EMP saturated with homo sapiens murders has changed its subject of interest. This rather important detail has escaped the brilliant mind of Monsieur Z. Philosophy, where “some see the crisis, you see the opportunity” once again dominates the warrior milieu for a 5G-free world.

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A lawsuit against the expansion of the 5G network

To complete the work of destruction, the Vistula Country’s nest of cellular demagogues cited another victory for the intellectual monolith gathered under the anti-5G banner. Using an oratorical technique worthy of Demosthenes, he adds “Happening” to the title of the British publishing house Mobile News. The so-called mic drop in the world of exceptional loudspeakers. What was this truism about? On May 26, 2022, the British Court of Appeal admitted Action against 5G lawsuit against Boris Johnson’s government over 5G infrastructure expansion. However, the claims on the basis of which the lawsuit itself was raised do not relate to the suspension of the development of the network itself. Action Against 5G Activists Blame Leaders the absence of an appropriate campaign informing about the alleged risk posed by fifth-generation mobile technology and how the British can minimize this potential threat.

The second reason to take legal action is lack of government initiative in researching the adverse effects of 5G on people and the environment, and ignorance of available expertise that indicates the existence of such potential effects. The basis of the action directed against the new technology is raising the permissible limits of electromagnetic radiation in the environment. On the website of the organization Action Against 5G there is an assumption that

5G radiation will be sent from advanced phased array antennas. These antennas send out microwaves in narrow beams – this technology was originally developed for military purposes. This will greatly increase the radiation exposure from these beams. These bundles will be almost everywhere.” Scientific graphomania is a kind of understatement for the above argument. Moreover, in the opinion of experts from the organization, “5G network will increase the level of radiation microwaves and millimeter waves in our environment. 5G will use new frequencies whose safety has not yet been assessed.

This is unverified information, but someone here is probably monitoring Facebook for our aforementioned “biophysics”.

You can find the entire section of the Institute of Telecommunications in this PDF document.

The project “Efficient mobile telecommunications as a key to development and security” implemented by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in cooperation with the Institute of Telecommunications – National Research Institute within the framework of the operational program Digital Poland Action 3.4. The campaign aims to increase Poles’ awareness of the functioning, use, security and importance of mobile telecommunications networks, and therefore of services (including public services) based on these networks. The project will highlight implementation of activities in the following areas: fight against misinformation, education, legal basis of the investment process, security and quality of life.

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Text source: Institute of Communications

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