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Just put on the VR glasses and in an instant you can move to a completely different place, on a busy street in a big city, in a well-known museum or even inside the human body. Although virtual reality was created for the entertainment industry, it has also proven to be an effective tool in education, which is why in recent days it has been one of the topics of a conference national scientist at the Witelon Collegium of the State University.

The “Witeloniana Colloquium” conference was organized by the Collegium Witelon for the eighth time. This year, the main theme of the event was the school of the future. It has become a great opportunity for participants and guests to discover with their own senses the new learning tools based on virtual reality.

Education through virtual reality is conquering the world of science thanks to its extraordinary effectiveness. This is partly because he resembles modern college students with the computer games they grew up on. The University of Legnica, eager to take on new challenges, launched the Virtual Reality Lab several months ago. Now not only virtual reality has been included in the issues discussed at the scientific conference, but also invited the global electronics industry magnate, occupying a key position in the Polish market, the manufacturer of virtual reality glasses , HTC VIVE. At the conference, the manufacturer presented the latest VR solutions for education. Conference visitors lined up to step into virtual reality and experience the latest global trends.

During the presentation at Collegium Witelona, ​​HTC VIVE showed, among other things, one of the world’s first virtual reality first aid trainers. It was created by Grzegorz Kobuszewski, an experienced paramedic, president of 4 HELP VR.

The application takes us to the street where the road accident occurred. A man waiting for an ambulance, witnessing the accident, sees the victim of the incident in front of him, who needs quick help. As people in such situations often lose their minds and don’t know what to do, the app includes a step-by-step guide explaining all the steps to save someone’s life. What we learn in virtual reality in real life can really save someone one day. Every science we learn through virtual reality is so real that it then translates into real life. – says Grzegorz Kobuszewski from 4 HELP VR.

4VR Conference

The 4 HELP VR Virtual First Aid Trainer was just one of the many great solutions HTC VIVE brought to Witelonka. Conference attendees and guests could also see what the conference room looked like in virtual reality. They had the chance to visit a virtual museum where famous paintings “come to life” using computer animations. Virtual reality allowed them to delve deeper into classic works of art and admire them from a different perspective. The people who took the opportunity to put on the VR glasses also discovered one of the most rugged crossroads in Legnica, where they were able, together with virtual police officers, to secure the traces of the accident. Through 3D Organon VR Anatomy, conference attendees learned about the structure of the human body, bringing VR into the human interior. They also had the opportunity to participate in a game prepared by Giant Lazer, which, using virtual reality, perfectly showed the cyber threats lurking in the current era. In turn, Aidar’s solutions, which are used daily to train factory workers and engineers, made it possible to see the inside of a car engine and the car production line in virtual reality. Representatives of the platform, which effectively uses virtual reality to learn foreign languages, also had their stand at Witelonka during the conference.

HTC has planned the presentation so that the virtual reality applications are consistent with the educational orientations of the Collegium Witelon. HTC VIVE representatives present at the conference presented specific arguments for the use of virtual reality in the educational process.

We often come across questions about the effectiveness of virtual reality in education. Research on this topic has been carried out, among others, by the best experts of the global PwC group, dealing with, among other things, Business Consulting. They tested several hundred people who participated in training delivered using traditional methods, e-learning and virtual reality. Expert research makes it possible to analyze the effectiveness of these learning methods. – said Dorota Paszyńska from HTC VIVE.

The research results showed that in the case of virtual reality, the process of memorizing content and the emotional involvement in learning were almost four times higher than learning in the traditional way. In contrast, intimate belief in the skills formed through VR was nearly three hundred times greater among respondents than with traditional methods. – added Maria Jeruzalska from HTC VIVE.

HTC VIVE has chosen the Collegium Witelon as the place to present its equipment and solutions offered by its partners, because thanks to the university program, the students trained here promise to be promising future collaborators for companies. It is very likely that they will implement modern solutions in the field of virtual reality.

Witelonka is a leader among the country’s practical education universities. It is distinguished by modern methods and forms of education. As the first university in the region and one of the first in the country, it has innovative and effective educational resources and equipment that other university centers can envy us. – says Dr. Karol Rusin, prof. CWUP, Vice Provost for Development of Witelon Collegium at State University.

In Witelonka since April this year. The Virtual Reality Laboratory is operational.

Students effectively acquire knowledge through play, fun, without the need for tedious cramming. This greatly encourages them to learn. – says Edward Polakiewicz, lecturer at Collegium Witelona, ​​one of the creators of Witelonka’s VR studio.

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