Which laptop for studying, which for work and which for creative tasks?

Laptops are a lot like sports shoes – size alone isn’t everything. If the shoes are light and adapt perfectly to our feet, we will reach them further and faster than with less matching shoes. The same with a laptop – if it is suitable for our needs, our work efficiency increases and we get tired less.

It is therefore really worth considering what we expect from a laptop and buying a model that will meet these expectations. This could be one of the next new MSI laptops, especially since they all now feature Intel’s new high-performance 12th Gen processors.

A laptop for a demanding boss

An ideal computer for a manager must be efficient, secure, comfortable and, of course, prestigious. The boss cannot wait long, company data must always be protected, the operation of the device must be as intuitive as possible, and its design must send an additional signal to the manager’s interlocutors that it is really worthwhile to talk to him.

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