Which TV for summer 2022? TCL introduces new QLED and MiniLED products

TCL presents televisions for 2022The year 2022 will be full of sporting events, for which it is worth changing the TV to a larger and newer one. TCL has prepared new models, intended, among other things, for fans of sports games. Gamers also received an interesting offer – TVs with gaming tools.

TCL P635 and P638: Google TV at a low price

The P series has been enriched with two new television models: P635 and P638. This series is equipped with Google TV, which is distinguished by an elegant and functional design, in particular, by the absence of frames around the screen. The TCL P635 will be available in 75″, 65″, 55″, 50″ and 43″ sizes.

Model TCL P635 belongs to the family of 4K HDR TVs, equipped with a dynamic color enhancement system. In addition, we find support for Game Master, ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), HDR 10 and Dolby Audio, which makes the TCL P635 a solid base for home entertainment. Of course, it is complemented by the Google TV system with the integrated Google Assistant. So you can use many TV apps and control it without pressing any buttons on the remote.

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Model TCL P638 this with a combination of 4K HDR, Dolby Vision, HDR10 and 60 Hz Motion Clarity which provides a detailed and smooth image. If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive TV for watching sports, start here. Gamers will appreciate support for Game Master, HDMI 2.1, ALLM, and Dolby Atmos. The P638 will be available in 65″, 55″, 50″ and 43″ sizes.

TCL P73: Wider color palette

The TCL P73 is the successor to the TCL P72. In addition to all the advanced systems that can be found in the lower models, one can also count here on the Wide Color Gamut – thus almost complete coverage of the DCI-P3 color space. There’s also a built-in microphone, designed to operate the Google voice assistant. So you can not only operate the TV without pressing any buttons, but even without reaching for the remote control. The P73 is currently available in sizes 75″, 65″, 55″, 50″ and 43″.

TCL C63: Take Entertainment to the Next Level with QLED and Onkyo Audio

The C63 series will replace last year’s C72. The TCL C63 QLED TVs have been enriched with, among other things, support for Dolby Atmos sound and ONKYO speakers. There was also 4K HDR Pro and support for the latest HDR picture formats, also HDR10+. With this, you can comfortably watch content from Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO. Gamers will be interested in the ability to work with a 1080p image with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and the Motion Clarity system.

In the 55″ and larger versions, the TCL C63 televisions are equipped with an adjustable stand that allows a sound bar to be placed under the television or to put the equipment on a narrower piece of furniture. During the presentation, I also noticed that the coating of the TCL C63 screen attenuates the reflection of light from the interior much better than on the models of the P family. In Poland, the C63 is available in sizes 75″, 65″, 55″, 50″ and 43″.

TCL C73: QLED and Game Master Pro for demanding gamers and fans

C73 Series TVs are the natural successors of the C72+ series, i.e. the C728 models. It is quite an unusual series that was created for very demanding gamers and fans. This series includes a monstrous 98-inch model – the largest in the history of TCL Electronics. I saw it with my own eyes – it makes an incredible impression. Almost 2.5 meters diagonally gives us a screen almost 2.2 meters wide and over 1.2 meters high.

TCL C73 - 98 inch model

All QLED models in this series are equipped with 4K HDR Pro, Dolby Atmos sound, ONKYO signature speakers and support for many HDR standards including Dolby Vision and HDR10+. The C73 series includes models equipped with Dolby Vision IQ (in 55” and larger models) which adapts picture settings to current conditions around the TV. Some models in this series also support Apple AirPlay 2 and can be connected to the HomeKit smart home system.

Individual C73 models also differ in the matrix’s native refresh rate. In the 43 “and 50” versions it is 60 Hz, in 55, 65 and 75 “- 144 Hz, and in the larger 85”
and 98″ already 120 Hz. The models also differ in their design – the 55″, 65″ and 75″ versions have an adjustable central foot, the 43″, 50″, 85″ and 98″ models are supported by feet on either side of the screen. Currently, the C73 series TVs are available in 75″, 65″ and 55″ sizes, the offer will also be available in 98″, 85″, 50″ and 43″ versions.

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TCL C83 and C93: Proprietary MiniLED screens

TCL is a pioneer among MiniLED TV makers and continues to develop this screen manufacturing technology. The latest developments have made their way to models C835 and C935. Here, TCL starts at a higher level, because the smallest diagonals are 55 inches for the C835 series and 65 inches for the C935 series. This is dictated by the proportion of the diagonal to the cost of production – smaller models are less profitable.

The C83 series is an upgraded version of last year’s C82 which has been warmly welcomed by customers. It is also the world’s first QLED MiniLED TV with the Google TV system. We can enjoy the 4K HDR Premium 1500 image and the 144 Hz Motion Clarity Pro system, smoothing out fast movement on the screen. Peak brightness hits 1500 nits, which makes an incredible impression when watching HDR10+ and Dolby Vision material.

TCL C93, in turn, can easily compete with other MiniLED TVs, as well as popular OLED models. Its maximum brightness is 2,500 nits. In the larger models, the screen backlight has been divided into almost 2,000 zones, which ensures precise contrast, despite the large surface.

Both series have ONKYO speakers, but their layout is different. The C83 has a 2.1 system (two down, subwoofer at the rear) and the C93 2.1.2 (two forward, subwoofer, two up) – so here you can reach materials with Dolby Atmos sound. Here, too, there are interesting features for gamers: Freesync Premium, refreshing from 144 Hz VRR and the gamer panel with the most necessary information about the game image.

It’s time for the price list of new TCL TVs, depending on the series and screen size:

TCL New TV Price List

TCL is currently the second largest LCD matrix producer in the world, but that’s not all. In 2022, in Poland, we will also see household appliances with the TCL logo, as well as phones, tablets, sound bars, headphones, routers, laptops and watches. TCL Electronics does not intend to limit itself to a single industry. On the contrary, it intends to provide us with a complete ecosystem of home appliances that meets the demands of digital life. Below I have posted photos of some of the TCL products that are already or will soon appear on our market.

TCL 3189 - a phone that meets the requirements of the IP68 standard
TCL 3189 – a phone that meets the requirements of the IP68 standard
TCL NXTPAPER 10c - a tablet with a proprietary matte LCD screen, designed for reading
TCL NXTPAPER 10c – a tablet with a proprietary matte LCD screen, designed for reading
TCL MOVEAUDIO s600 headphones
TCL MOVEAUDIO s600 headphones – the highest of the five TWS models available in Poland
TCL NXTBOOK GO 14 4G – laptop with Snapdragon 7c, 4G modem and Windows 11
tcl linkzone 5g
TCL LINKZONE 5G Portable Modem
TCL LINKHUB - LTE Cat6 Home Modem
TCL LINKHUB – LTE Cat6 Home Modem
TCL LINKHUB - 5G Home Station (right) and LTE Cat13 Home Station (left) modems
TCL LINKHUB – 5G Home Station (right) and LTE Cat13 Home Station (left) modems

TCL Electronics also boasted that in the first quarter of 2022 it exceeded the 10% share of the Polish market. No wonder – the offer is wide and flexible. There are both small TVs for less than 2000 PLN from the popular C series, affordable 4K HDR models from the P63 series and the luxurious 98-inch monster from the C73 series. I dare say that TCL has achieved spectacular success in Poland.

Photo source: Own, TCL

Text source: Clean, TCL

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