3 Reasons Why Cells May Become Popular Again

Some of the younger ones I showed my first phone to asked me directly: why did you take it with you when you can hardly do anything with it? And yet, such a cell phone was a revolution in the life of every user. Do retro phones have reason to come back?

Anyone who relies on smartphones for work or media functionality will certainly not take this step. Losing access to e-mail, instant messaging, music streaming and quick access to all the information available online would mean difficulties in carrying out your duties or unnecessarily complicate your life. Some time ago Krzysiek Rojek even wrote that the glorification of offline life today is exaggerated and it’s hard to disagree with it, but every once in a while I feel a great desire to cut myself off of everything that happens online. One way is to turn off data transfer or even airplane mode, which is what I do when I want to always have a great and handy camera with me. But there are also situations when I don’t take pictures or use a camera – then such a retro phone works just fine.

3 Reasons Why Cells May Become Popular Again

There are three things that make some people consciously choose regular cell phones: battery life, size, and price. The first of the benefits may not resemble the legendary results of individual Nokia models, which were able to run for up to two weeks without a charge, but having those few days of peace, it’s very easy to get used to neglecting the level battery charging. The maneuverability of these phones, often with more neat and manageable shapes, is at an unattainable level for smartphone-paddles. These classic cell phones are also simply smaller, so you can carry them more comfortably in your pocket. Of course, the prices are more favorable than the vast majority of inexpensive smartphones, and their operation is not threatened by inefficient components.

Stupid Not So Stupid Phones

On top of that, these phones got a bit more clever during the last years. And while the cellular variants of Google Maps, Gmail, WhatsApp, and other apps aren’t as extensive as their smartphone counterparts, in a critical situation they can prove extremely useful. If we opt for an older model, produced ten years ago or earlier, we must be prepared for certain problems in the event of a breakdown. It lacks spare parts and service points, as well as newer versions functional phones, that is to say that the Nokia or Alcatel devices still on the market will not be easily and quickly repairable devices either. This is a niche you need to move into skillfully and consciously, so before you buy it’s a good idea to make sure that failure or damage won’t mean the end of your career. such a phone.

Who is ready for such austerities?

And when was the last time you saw someone using such a cell phone? Regardless of age, because extremely young and more advanced users are increasingly spending their time like us – staring at the large, rectangular, touchscreen display. A smartphone is convenient and comfortable, and in some situations it also provides security. But streaming movies and music is also much, much more convenient than vinyl, and vinyl is so popular that factories don’t keep up with the production of new records. Some artists have to wait months with the release of the album, because the most popular performers – like Adele – place large orders, thanks to which press companies cannot fulfill other orders. From time to time we write about the growing number of vinyl sales, and in the games market, old consoles and games are successfully brought back to life (in various shapes and forms). After all, retro remasters and mini consoles come out all the time, so the demand is there. Will it be the same with retro phones?

Will we ever appreciate the simplicity of mobile phones?

A smartphone is such a personal device that today it seems impossible to replace it with anything else. Neither smartwatches nor smartglasses have and won’t be able to for some time. Select a cell and do some sort of thing take a step back, that is to say Giving up the ability to map a route/find a location in a foreign city, buy a ticket, make a payment, or confirm an identity, as well as convenient contact with other people and access to multimedia is a real challenge. Hardly anyone will decide to do it, but in return you can get some peace, so when we feel even more overwhelmed by the news and the dynamics of everyday life, there may be more people willing to do it. .

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