An endoscope, i.e. an endoscope camera. Check what it can be used for

The endoscope is primarily associated with medical examinations, but the device of the same name (although with a completely different use) can also be useful in other circumstances. In this article you will learn what an endoscope is and what the exact circumstances are.

Endoscope – what exactly is this device?

Also known as endoscope camera (also called inspection camera) is a device that allows easy to see in hard to reach places. Therefore, it is mainly associated with the medical device used in various researches – colonoscopy or gastroscopy. There are different types of endoscope: dental, ENT, endoscope for gastroscopy or even veterinary.

However, in this article, we introduce another type of inspection camera, namely technical endoscope. It functions similarly to a medical endoscope and will work in places such as electrical and sewer cables or chimney ventilation. The camera is located on long and flexible cablewhich transports him to various hard-to-reach places. Himself the device is small and equipped with their own light source in the form of an LED lamp.

The endoscope camera is used, among other things, in car workshops

Types and application of endoscopes – what can they be used for?

The tool discussed here can be used in various areas of life. It works well not only in plumbingbut also with machine engine repair or even when saving a life. The last application usually takes place during rescue operations by firefighters – for example when locating people under rubble. However An inspection camera can also be useful in a home workshop. Before buying a device, it is worth familiarizing yourself with its types. Endoscopic cameras are mainly divided into:

  • rigid – on the fixed extension, the probes have a mini-camera which, thanks to special lenses, transmits the image to the lens on the other side;
  • soft – they work on the same principle as their rigid counterparts, but – as the name suggests – they are more flexible and can be operated in any way.

You can also distinguish inspection camera types due to video monitorbecause not all endoscopes are equipped with it. When an endoscope is equipped with a monitor, two further subtypes of endoscopes are distinguished:

  • with wireless display – the camera has special transmitters and you can connect to them, for example via WiFi;
  • connected to external devices – it is connected, for example, to a smartphone, laptop or tablet via the USB input, thanks to which the image from the camera is displayed on the screen of the mobile device. This type is often used in private workshops.
endoscope - examination
Although most of us associate the endoscope with an unpleasant examination, its uses go beyond the walls of the hospital | Source:

How to connect an endoscope camera to the phone? When using a USB cable, pay attention to corresponding USB inputbecause it is not always compatible with the endoscope. it will be useful then “USB to micro USB” adapter. You just need to connect the cable to the endoscope and the phone at the same time.

Structure of the endoscope – which parameters deserve special attention?

The structure of the endoscope is basically the same for any type of device. Only some additional parameters or functions differ. However, it is worth paying attention to it, especially if we know exactly what the endoscope will be needed for. First of all, you must consider probe length. It will be useful when checking ventilation or sewer pipes longer endoscope (approx. 10 meters)and if you’re only going to check the wiring in the car, that’s fine 1 meter long probe. It is the same with the diameter of the camera. With a pipe inspection camera you can afford a larger camera, while the one for cars will need a camera that will get into small nooks and crannies. Other features to keep in mind include:

  • camera battery capacity;
  • image resolution;
  • type and quality of lighting;
  • additional characteristics such as: water resistance, temperature resistance, the presence of a monitor.

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Price – from low cost to larger expenses

The price of the device, as well as its parameters, varies depending on the application. Prices fluctuate of from several tens to several thousand zlotys. The cost of buying an inspection camera with integrated monitor will be higher than buying an ordinary USB endoscope with a short probe. Thus, the expenses you will have to pay will be according to your needs and what additional hardware settings you choose.

Endoscope it’s not just a medical research tool, but also a very practical device in car repair shops. It has a variety of uses and its parameters depend on the method of use. Let me know in comment, do you have it and what applications do you use it for?


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