Application “Color Match NEONAIL” to try the “nails”

Hybrid polish seller NEONAIL has created an innovative mobile app that lets you try on styling products on your phone.

mobile app NEONAIL Color Matching is a revolutionary project in the industry – the first such extensive, comprehensive and high-quality image application of its kind in the world. Thanks to the team of Cosmo Group employees involved in its creation, an intuitive and complete application has been put in place that uses the enormous potential of augmented reality (AR). Augmented reality) and machine learning (ML). machine learning). It is the first application in the world that allows in real mode, in an image of such quality, to apply the colored manicure products of the NEONAIL brand offer (varnishes, gels, decorative products, including glitter , pollen and complex, fancy patterns and stickers) on the nails – without leaving home, at any time.

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It also allows searching for products not only by color or shade, but also by scanning the barcode. In the Color Match NEONAIL fitting room, the selected product can also be added to the shopping cart, while the order is placed automatically on the site.

NEONAIL focuses on modern technologies and constantly monitors global trends, not only in the field of product development, but also in the digital industry. During the pandemic, which has accelerated the development of e-commerce, and online shopping has become the norm, an idea was born to implement a solution that will help customers make purchasing decisions and choose the color of painting at home. Complete analyzes connected to the application make it possible to study consumer behavior and adjust the NEONAIL offer to customer needs.

Netguru, which designs intuitive and user-friendly digital solutions, is in charge of co-creating software (Mobile Development) and Machine Learning solutions for the application. The algorithms used in the application made it possible to precisely cover the nails with varnish, even their shape, to ensure the impression of a smooth transition on the edges of the varnish and the cuticle, and a realistic transfer of patterns on nails – thanks to this, people using the application can admire the natural effect, play with colors and patterns, and make an easier choice. The application was created, among other things, through the use of machine learning models. Two machine learning models were used in the work on the app – one detects the surface of the nails and the other, getting information from the first model, detects the direction of the position of the nails. This results in greater accuracy and therefore a very good user experience. Thanks to the precision of the machine learning models, the application allows testing colors and paint patterns in real time.

“The product was created thanks to the excellent cooperation between COSMO Group and Netguru experts: user researchers, product designers, developers, machine learning experts, quality assurance specialists and project managers. Thanks to this , based on concrete data, using new technologies and designing the user experience, we have created such an innovative product together,” confirm Marcela Otulakowska and Bartosz Zmarzły, Netguru project managers.

The most important functions of the Color Match NEONAIL fitting room?

  • Try on products in a virtual fitting room – play with colors, decorating effects and the ability to tailor shades to you and your style.
  • Easily search for colored manicure products in the NEONAIL range by name, catalog number, EAN code or barcode.
  • Browse the product catalog and filter products by shade, finish, collection or coverage.
  • Check product details, description, ingredients and availability in the online store.
  • Save your favorite products and create a wishlist.
  • Quickly add products to your cart to buy them online.
  • Search for fixed points.
Screenshots of Color Match NEONAIL mobile app
Screenshots of Color Match NEONAIL mobile app

The application is available for free download on Google Play and App Store:

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source: NEONAIL

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