iOS 16 officially. A function can shake the bank

At today’s developer conference – WWDC22 – Apple showed off a new version of iOS 16, along with its variant for tablets – iPadOS 16. The changes included the appearance of the system and also brought new solutions for payments, security and navigation.

The new iOS 16 introduces a completely redesigned lock screen. They are new fully customized widgetsthat you can freely adapt to your needsby changing, for example, the design of the watch, fonts, colors, etc.

Screen elements can be rearranged and new ones, for example, added Calendar, weather, battery status and other quick access widgets. To make changes, simply hold the screen where you want it.

The user can create any variable lock screen sets with photos from the gallery and use the one you want to use. Using synchronization between devices Focus functionit will also manage what is displayed on the lock screen.

In iOS 16 it will be possible to set constantly updated weather wallpaper Or, for example, choose an astronomical wallpaper with views of the Earth, the Moon and the solar system.

Notifications have also changed – they appear at the bottom of the screen in the form of a 3D accordion. Thanks to the new API available for developers, the application can be displayed there live information from external sourcesfor example, the results of the matches in progress. There was also a handy music control.

Using Apple’s WidgetKit, developers can adapt your applications to the new widget system on the lock screen so you can take advantage of this novelty on the day of the premiere of the system for users.

New messaging options

The news app has also been changed. In iMessage you can edit sent messages and cancel themand also mark conversations as unread to come back to them later. The new “Shared with you” option introduces additional options for sharing content, and with SharedPlay you can do it easily share the media you are currently reading during text or voice calls.

Another novelty is the possibility write and dictate a text messages from an interface, in turn, without switching. This makes it easier to enter content.

Pay later with Apple Pay

New features also included Wallet app – so that users can transfer even more digital equivalents of physical objects such as cards and keys to it.

With Apple Pay Later, the user can split your costs for purchases or services in four parts at no additional cost, spread over a maximum of six weeks. It’s all done using the Apple Pay app, and you don’t need to ask the seller to split payment in any way. The option should be available everywhere Apple Pay works, but it’s unclear in which markets outside of the US it will be implemented.

People shopping online will also be able to Follow the status of your orders via Wallet. Apple promises the features will be available for use on millions of retail platforms.

You will be able to easily use Kuczów or collected cards in the Wallet app share with other usersfor example by e-mail.

More map features

Maps have also been expanded in iOS 16. New, visually richer version of Apple Maps will be available in 11 new countriesbut Poland is not one of them. Visible in 6 new US cities extended mode with a 3D view.

A new feature is “multistop routing” – an easy option set additional breakpoints or waypoints (up to 15) to the navigation route, either manually or using Siri – in the latter case while driving. Itinerary can be done in advance program on the computer Mac and send the route to the iPhone.

It will be safer

Many changes also relate to security issues. New modes make it easier convenient content management for kids, for example, what they watch or what they play. The child can request temporary access to a selected game or film by SMS.

An interesting new feature are the additional personal privacy options. The new section in the “Security Control” settings allows access to emergency reset with a few taps on the screen to sensitive data, such as the location, calendar, activities or photos of other people or apps in an emergency. It is mainly intended for help in situations of domestic violencewhen you are harassed or otherwise assaulted by relatives or friends.

Family Gallery

iPhone users who take a lot of photos will be able to share them in a separate cloud-based gallery iCloud Shared Photo Library. This solution is designed for a group of users (up to 5), for example a family.

The photos added to it will be immediately visible to everyone. Users will be able to share existing photos from their personal libraries or share them based on the date or people in the photos. Also photo for shared gallery will be possible send immediately from the camerawhen taking a photo. .

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