JUJUBEE SA Announces Support for Virtual Reality and Motion Simulators in FLASHOUT 3 Game

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JUJUBEE SA Announces Support for Virtual Reality and Motion Simulators in FLASHOUT 3 GameAfter the announcement of the planned acquisition of Strategy Forge SA, other good news comes from the site referenced on New Connect JUJUBEE. According to the information provided by the creators of Katowice via the Steam platform, the racing game FLASHOUT 3 will support virtual reality glasses and DOF motion simulators from the day of its premiere!

JUJUBEE SA prepares for the premiere of FLASHOUT 3

FLASHOUT 3 is the third installment of the popular Anti-Gravity Races from Jujubee studio in Katowice. The title is intended for PC (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) and console (Switch, Xbox, PlayStation) platforms. Today the creators have confirmed that the game will also support VR technology and motion simulators, that is, special platforms with a seat, which include they simulate what is happening inside. screen using deflections and vibrations! Additionally, Jujubee plans to make these features available the day they premiere on PC, starting September 22, 2022!

– The previous versions of the FLASHOUT series have been very well received by the market and the cost of producing them has paid off very quickly. In the case of the third installment, we hope for even greater success, since the title presents a much higher level of quality and is also aimed at popular consoles, where such games are very popular. In addition, the introduction of VR glasses support opens up exciting new opportunities for us, especially in the context of the traffic simulator service plan. – said Michał Stępień, Chairman of the Board of JUJUBEE SA

Traffic simulators are special mobile platforms that accurately and realistically reproduce on-screen vehicle movements and overloads. Thanks to this, the gameplay is much more realistic, especially in combination with virtual reality glasses.

– For us, this is an additional opportunity to monetize the game. Few arcade titles support such devices, so it will be a real treat for mobile simulator users. In addition, it will allow us to introduce the sale of the game in a subscription system, which may be interested in all kinds of game fairs using VR technology or the aforementioned traffic simulators. – added the President.

Everything indicates that promising times are ahead for JUJUBEE SA. In addition to FLASHOUT 3, Deep Diving Adventures for Xbox and PlayStation, VIRUS: The Outbreak for iOS and Android, and KURSK for Nintendo Switch will also hit the market soon. All of these games will have their premieres in the coming weeks. Perhaps most important to the company’s shareholders, however, is that work on Dark Moon, which has a strong Steam wishlist of over 30,000, has been going full steam ahead for a long time. .

-We know that many people are waiting for new information and materials from Dark Moon. This title is our priority and the work on it is very advanced. In the case of a strategy game, however, it makes no sense to show the game until all features are at a satisfactory level. We want players to immediately see how complex and addictive this game is. Luckily, that time is just around the corner, and hopefully around the holidays, we’ll be ready to show the public some solid material on this title. Says the president.

As in previous episodes, and in FLASHOUT 3, players will navigate in anti-gravity vehicles on dizzying loops and turns, while fighting for survival with a large arsenal of modifiable weapons – such as rocket launchers , machine guns, grenades and mines. FLASHOUT 3 is the most explosive episode in the history of the series!


The game will offer recipients a number of unique and spectacular routes – including racing inside a volcano, in the depths of the sea or… on the moon! And all this accompanied by electronic music composed especially for the game!

FLASHOUT 3 is for PC platforms and all popular consoles (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Series X | S). The game will hit the market later this year. The release date for the PC version is set for September 22, 2022.

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