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MSIology “Stay Ahead of the Future” – MSI is committed to providing the best products to make the impossible possible. Let’s take a closer look at the event.

MSI introduces the latest HX series laptops powered by 12th Gen Intel® HX processors. The highly anticipated series features 12th Gen Intel® HX processors, up to NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti laptop graphics, and exclusive MSI cooling solutions for extreme performance. Let’s take a closer look at the event.

MSI always brings the latest features to laptops with the best quality and performance. This time, at the third product showcase this year, MSI wants to provide the best products to make the impossible possible. Keeping in mind the three most important values: extreme performance, innovative technology and luxurious design, MSI focuses even more on the small details, perfectly combining all the elements of each product. Derek Chen, Global Director of MSI Laptop Sales and Marketing, said: “We create the best user experiences” and “MSI is ahead of the future“.

The Titan GT series, titanic power, king of laptops

MSI is proud to announce that one of the most coveted series, Titan GT, is back! “Titan GT – a symbol of premium gaming quality with unparalleled power,” said Sam, Senior Product Management Engineer at MSI Notebook. It should also be noted that the Titan GT won the COMPUTEX Best Choice Golden Award 2022 for its outstanding performance.

The design of the Titan GT77, in turn, was awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2022. The appearance of the laptop is inspired by sports cars. This model uses a top grille air exchanger to increase the cooling efficiency and fascinating illumination of the Mystic lightbar.

When it comes to performance, the Titan GT77 leads the way. Thanks to the 12th generation i9 HX processor, which offers a total of 16 cores, the laptop delivers desktop-like power.

With NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics and exclusive OverBoost technology, the Titan GT77 gives you all the extreme GPU and CPU power without compromise. MSI advertises that the laptop can deliver 250 watts to the CPU and GPU under full load.

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To keep all laptop components under control, the Titan GT77 features a new cooling system consisting of 4 fans and 7 heat pipes. The laptop also features the latest SteelSeries keyboard with Cherry MX switches. And all this is contained in a case that is only 23 mm thick!

The mind-blowing expandability also impresses Linus Sebastian, host of Linus Tech Tips. “Combined with DDR5 RAM and four M.2 slots, one with PCIe Gen5!” – highlighted. “This laptop will meet the expectations of everyone: from casual gamers to users who need maximum power to run the most demanding games at the highest settings, as well as easily create complex projects thanks to the highest performance. higher offered by a laptop.“.

Raider GE HX series – a gaming monster

Raider GE HX series laptops are icons of cutting-edge performance and eye-catching design. This time, MSI focuses on a vibrant and luxurious design with a captivating Titanium Dark Gray color scheme and a laser etched MSI logo on the lid.

On the performance side, the Raider GE is equipped with the latest HX series processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and OverBoost technology delivering up to 250 W of power.

Additionally, the Raider GE67HX is the world’s first laptop with a breakthrough OLED display with a high 240Hz refresh rate and fast 0.2ms response time. It also supports 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and is DisplayHDR 600 True Black certified, which will be appreciated by gamers.

New design and impressive power make the Raider GE HX a beast“said Michael Chang, Product Marketing Manager for MSI Laptops. The laptop features a 99.9Wh battery, Killer Wi-Fi 6E and MSI AI engine.

MSI has renamed the Workstation series, which is now called CreatorPro, while also unveiling the CreatorPro X17 with the 12th Gen i9 HX and NVIDIA RTX A5500 laptop GPU. A super strong combination will be used when creating complex creative projects, when using large databases and working in demanding professional programs.

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It’s the best choice for professionals, as evidenced by the certification of more than 90% of independent software developers. The reliability of the laptop is also confirmed by the MSI True Pixel technology, under which every element of the screen is calibrated and verified, thus ensuring the highest standard. For the first time in industry history, MSI is allowing users to view a Calman-verified display calibration certificate.

MSI not only focuses on the amazing performance of laptops, but also works on smart software and technologies that will provide a smoother experience. To give even more fun to MSI laptop users, the company introduced a mascot named Lucky to the virtual world in the form of an avatar. There, she can represent the attendees of the event through an energetic, virtual presentation of their presence. During the event, Lucky appeared to greet us personally!

Additionally, MSI also wants to improve the user experience of the virtual world by making it more immersive. By developing the voice control function, in the future, users can manage without complicated manual settings. Like Ofelia, MSI Notebook Senior Product Marketing at the event presented commands such as “Hey Lucky, turn on transparent mode”, through which she could immediately hear the environment. “Using your VR device is now more intuitive than ever“said Ophelia.

HX Series Premium Laptops

Using 12th Gen Intel HX processors, MSI takes us to the next level and impresses with extreme performance powered by 250 watts, an innovative 240Hz QHD OLED display and luxurious design. Additionally, MSI is refreshing the Vector GP series and renaming its flagship product CratorPro X17. “Revolution is about changing and setting trends,” said Derek Chen, Global Director of Sales and Marketing, MSI Notebook. MSI showcases amazing high-end laptops and breaks boundaries.

All featured laptops are available with special offers and pre-order dates have already been revealed in select regions. Don’t wait any longer and order the latest MSI HX laptops!

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