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7:00 p.m.

Ukrainian developer sells real estate for stablecoins

DIM Group was the first Ukrainian developer to allow customers to purchase real estate using stablecoins. In the initial phase of the project, payments are accepted in four coins: USDC, USDT, BUSD and DAI. This list will grow over time. -> learn more

Telegram denies leaking more than 137 GB of crypto chat messages

A Twitter user with the nickname adyingnobody recently said that he accessed 137.21 GB of messages from Telegram users. Representatives of the communicator vehemently denied this information. -> learn more

PayPal allows crypto withdrawals to external wallets

PayPal finally allows cryptocurrency holders to transfer their digital assets out of the platform to other wallets and exchanges. This is the most requested feature since the financial giant launched its service for buying, selling and storing cryptocurrencies in October 2020 -> Source: Coindesk

IRA Financial sues Gemini over $37 million hack

IRA Financial Trust, a provider of cryptocurrency retirement accounts that lost $37 million in theft in February, sued Gemini – its trustee and business partner – over allegedly botched security protocols that it claims led to clearing customer accounts. -> source: Coindesk

Time: 5:00 p.m.

US Cryptocurrency Regulatory Plans Leaked

Crypto-Twitter turned red on Tuesday due to the alleged leak of the US Cryptocurrency Regulatory Project (there is still no official confirmation of its authenticity). The 600-page document contains the authorities’ priorities, such as rules for registering exchanges, DeFi and DAO platforms, and eliminating doubts regarding the treatment of digital assets as securities. -> learn more

SEC investigates Binance ICO

According to Bloomberg reports, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is under investigation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The 2017 ICO was supposed to be in the regulator’s target. According to journalists, the SEC is examining whether the first offering of the native cryptocurrency Binance – BNB did not violate securities law. It is however not clear whether we will have a repeat of the known case against Ripple… -> learn more

English Premier League registers trademarks for crypto and NFT

Britain’s top football league has filed applications in the United States for the registration of two trademarks related to cryptocurrencies and NFT. It is not yet known what the plans are for their use. Information about this was revealed on Twitter by a licensed patent and trademark attorney – Michael Kondoudis. -> source: decrypt

Reuters: Binance raised $2.35 billion

The SEC investigation does not end the bad news for the Changpeng Zhao Stock Exchange. According to Reuters reporters, Binance was believed to have laundered at least $2.35 billion worth of cryptocurrencies derived from phishing, drug trafficking and other types of crime. The exchange dismissed the charges, saying the authors of the article were not interested in the information it wanted to give them. -> learn more

Opening of the DAO brewery in Munich

Startup MetaBrewSociety (MBS) will soon start producing beer in Munich and issue non-tradable tokens (NFTs). Owners of tokens through DAO will receive the right to run a real brewery. -> learn more

IRA Financial Trust sues Gemini for $36 million disappearance

The last few days have also not been successful for another major cryptocurrency exchange. The American Gemini will face charges from IRA Financial Trust – a company offering cryptocurrency savings plans. The company accuses the exchange of neglecting the protection of digital assets, which was to lead to the theft of its customers’ funds. According to sources, $36 million disappeared from IRA accounts on the Gemini platform on February 8, 2022. -> learn more

Lithuania will regulate cryptocurrencies without waiting for the European Union

“EU regulations may appear too late to protect the reputation of the sector,” say Lithuanian politicians and announce the establishment of their own licensing system for cryptocurrency companies. Intermediaries in this market would be required to have a minimum capital of EUR 125,000 and meet AML and KYC requirements. -> learn more

71% of Salvadorans haven’t taken advantage of Bitcoin law, poll finds

71% of the 1,270 Salvadorans surveyed believe that the legalization of bitcoin in their country has not brought them many benefits, according to the results of a study by the Institute of Public Opinion of the Central American University “José Simeón Cañas “. Only 6.1% of people were of the opposite opinion. 12.8% of Salvadorans believe that the subject has been inflated by the media in relation to its real impact on the lives of their families. -> source: CryptoPotato

DEXs are ahead of centralized exchanges in terms of on-chain transfers

According to the new Chainalysis report, in the period of p.April 2021 to April 2022, users of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEX) sent them funds worth $224 billion. At the same time, $175 billion was poured into centralized exchanges (CEX) such as Binance. One of the factors favoring DEX are the regulations that kill the anonymity of cryptocurrency users.

Kazakhstan intends to use the potential of cryptocurrencies

The President of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, Galymzhan Pirmatov, described the institution’s position on cryptocurrencies. Although this is just a glimpse of the action, it shows that the country will not try to fight against the industry driven by blockchain technology. “Our approach is very simple: we are not going to ignore this market. We want to make the most of the potential for innovation offered by these technologies. says Pirmatov. The director of the Bank of Kazakhstan also announced that the country will create its own digital currency. -> source: Cointelegraph

Bloomberg Strategist Predicts BTC Will Become a Savings Asset

Mike McGlone, senior commodities strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, told Kitco News that bitcoin could become one of the best investment assets in the world. According to him, cryptocurrency will be the winner of the current crisis.

It should have happened now. All assets are at risk, from homes in Miami and Toronto to the stock market. It’s just getting started amid the highest inflation in 40 years (…) During this period, bitcoin will become one of the best assets in the world, along with gold and US bonds. We’ll be back to deflation, and the best way to bring it down is with a big price hike followed by another reset McGlone said.

Octagon Networks converts its reserves into BTC

An Ethiopian cybersecurity firm has turned its entire balance sheet and all of its liquid assets into bitcoins. In addition, the company also announced the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments and a 50% discount for customers who choose to settle in BTC. -> source: CryptoPotato

Information about this was quickly counterattacked by Ethiopia’s central bank, which issued a statement that the only means of payment accepted in the country is its national currency. -> source: Finbold

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