Polsat Plus Group: Q1 2022 results. 5G stands still, but clean energy grows

Polsat Plus Group announced the latest operational and financial results – for the first quarter of 2022. The indicators are growing, although the number of customers is not growing very quickly, and even in some segments it is decreasing. The Group is dynamically developing the third segment of its business, linked to the production of clean energy.

In the summary of the first quarter of 2022, Polsat Plus Group announces that it provides more than 20 million pay TV, telephone and Internet services.

Polsat Plus Group: Q1 2022 results

On an annual basis, the total number of subscription services in individual offers increased by 207,000 (1.6%) at the level 13.379 million. From this 6.2 million is mobile telephony services (increase of 373,000 y/y), 5.2 million pay television services (decrease of 167,000 y/y) and 2 millions Internet services (almost unchanged r // r).

Compared in the fourth quarter of 2021 it does though lower balance sheet of 86 thousand. clients (Q4: 13.465 million). The loss of customers compared to the fourth quarter is mainly related to pay TV (87 thousand), slightly on the other hand, the number has increased service customers telephony cell (per 10,000).

Polsat Plus Group: Q1 2022 Results

Poor monthly income of an Individual Subscription Customer (ARPU) simultaneously increased to PLN 69.8 (+ 3.9% y/y). The churn rate for this segment is down and stands at 6.8% after the first quarter. A quarter earlier it was 6.9%, compared to 7.1% a year earlier.

Polsat Plus Group: Q1 2022 results

In the first trimester the number of prepaid services increased – to 2,832 million (Q4 2021: 2.667 million, an increase of 165,000, a year earlier 2.736 million). As with other operators, however, it has a lot to do with with the distribution of free entries for Ukrainian citizens. But not only that – it’s also supposed to be an effect of the consolidation of Premium Mobile’s results. The number of prepaid customers for mobile telephony alone was at the end of the quarter 2.666 million.

According to the operator, the evolution of the mobile and TV offer (repositioning of the Polsat Box Go streaming service) resulted in a increase in the client’s monthly income prepaid services – by 10.3% per year, at the level PLN17.2.

And corporate clients? Their total number is 68.9 thousand.and each of them generates almost a month on average 1.4 thousand. zloty Income.

Polsat Plus Group: Q1 2022 Results

In the first quarter of 2022, Cyfrowy Polsat and Plus customers transferred approximately 487 PB of datawhich means an increase of 10% y/y.

Polsat Plus Group: Q1 2022 results

In annual terms, it increased number of customers of the multiplay service – from 73,000. (3%) – reaching the level of 2.5 million.

Despite significant changes in the geopolitical and macroeconomic situation, we are effectively implementing our multiplay strategy. At the end of March, 2.5 million of our customers had used the bundled service offer. We deliver by 200,000 service contracts over a year ago. Along with the growing popularity of our 5G tariffs, this has contributed to an increase in the average income of individual customers to almost 70 PLN. The resignation rate of our services remains at a very low level of 6.8%, which proves the effectiveness of our activities

– comments Maciej Stec, Vice Chairman of the Board, Polsat Plus Group.

5G is popular, but the range isn’t increasing

According to the report released today, Plus is within range of the 5G network more than 19 million people, more than half of the population of Poland. However, the operator gave the same number in March, summarizing its achievements for 2021which shows that recently 5G Plus development has slowed down. The other indicators are similar to those of 2021 – number of stations 5G Plus is approx. 3 thousand, in 800 cities. Nevertheless, the operator argues that the popularity of 5G services in Plus is growingwhich is also influenced by the introduction of iPhone smartphones in the offer.

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Polsat Plus Group: financial results

Polsat Plus Group’s total turnover increased by 3% 1) up to 3 billion PLN. Adjusted EBITDA (excluding NetCo EBITDA and Ukrainian support cost) amounted to 800 million PLN.

Polsat Plus Group: Q1 2022 results

Free cash flow remained at PLN 1.25 billion. Total debt ratio stayed low at 1.07x (net debt / EBITDA LTM).

In the face of geopolitical and macroeconomic challenges, we positively assess our operating results as well as the stable and repeatable growth of retail revenues. We are focused on continuing to build ARPU while adjusting costs to new challenges. A solid financial position and significant liquidity resources allow us to accelerate the implementation of projects in the Clean Energy segment, which will ensure the development of our business in the years to come –

says Katarzyna Ostap-Tomann, board member of the Polsat Plus Group.

Polsat Plus Group invests in green hydrogen

Much of last quarter’s report was devoted to issues related to the third (after telecommunications and television) GPP business segment – production pure energy. The group prides itself on activities aimed at the rapid launch of its next sources – incl. Withsun and wind. The group is also continuing preparations for the launch green hydrogen production – the zero-emission fuel of the future.

Among the activities completed in the 1st quarter of 2020 included:

  • built by Polish engineers hydrogen bus has obtained European approval and will be presented shortly,
  • to work towards the conclusion of a contract of construction of a hydrogen bus factory located in Świdnik,
  • delivery the first electrolyser confirmed in the third quarter of this year,
  • obtained shared connection for photovoltaic and gas installationswhich will be located in Przykonie,
  • wind farm entrepreneurs Miłosław and Kazimierz Biskupi confirmed that the war in Ukraine will not affect the speed of implementation these investments, planned for the third quarter of 2023. Work on other projects is also progressing as planned.

Polsat Plus Group: Q1 2022 results

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