Promoter houses a competition for self-construction?

Promoter houses a competition for self-construction? Over the past 10 years, the new home market has grown in importance. Experts from the portal checked where new houses were most often built by the developer in 2021.

The market for new build homes for sale is still much smaller in terms of supply compared to the developer’s supply of apartments. Nevertheless, the market for new homes for sale has grown significantly over the past 10 to 12 years. It is also thanks to small development companies, which sometimes do not even have to promote themselves on national portals. However, these developers are included in the Central Statistics Office’s data on the number of single-family homes completed. Experts from the portal analyzed the aforementioned information from 2021 to answer the question of where the construction of new houses for sale was most popular.

GUS data doesn’t always separate new homes from locals

Some readers may wonder why the analysis of last year’s situation takes into account completed homes rather than developer investments. This is a limitation of the analysis resulting from the data from the Central Statistics Office. The aforementioned institution, as part of the number of developer apartments (houses and premises as defined by the Central Statistical Office), unfortunately does not provide information to distinguish single-family buildings. More detailed statistics for the whole country are available after taking into account the apartments put into service during the past year.

Promoter houses a competition for self-construction?

Fewer developer houses are being built in the east

An interesting map prepared by the experts of on the basis of GUS data on the number of completed houses from the developer shows some disproportion. It is not only a question of the high concentration of investments with new houses near the largest agglomerations. This subject will be discussed later. Now it should be noted that in western Poland, developers quite often build houses for sale outside the largest urban centers. In the case of the eastern half of the country, the situation is completely different. Perhaps the greater reluctance of people in eastern Poland to buy a house from a developer is important. An alternative to such a transaction is, of course, the independent construction of the “four angles”. In the case of such an investment, you can save, for example, on labor.

Promoter houses a competition for self-construction?  - map of Poland with marked new houses built by developers.
Promoter houses a competition for self-construction?

The result for Warsaw and Rzeszów is remarkable

The map below (the so-called choropleth map) shows ranges of values ​​selected in such a way as to highlight the results of poviats and towns, where slightly fewer new houses are built than the developer. Nevertheless, the concentration of development investments with new homes in the vicinity of Warsaw, Krakow, Poznań, Wrocław and Tri-City is clearly visible. Some smaller agglomerations also show good results: Rzeszów, Lublin, Białystok and Szczecin.

After taking into account the results of 275 poviats and towns where new houses for sale were built in the last year, it can be concluded that the following locations were characterized by the highest number of these completed buildings:

  • Poznań County – 2,813
  • Wolomin County – 1,634
  • Warsaw – 1,353
  • Wrocław County – 1,322
  • Piaseczno County – 817
  • Wroclaw – 780
  • Rzeszow – 734
  • Neighborhood Legionowo – 714
  • Wloclawek – 681
  • Krakow – 636
  • Gdansk – 540
  • Krakow – 520
  • District Kartuzy – 462
  • washer – 450
  • West Warsaw County – 431
  • Pruszków County – 424
  • Lodz – 410
  • Słupsk district – 397
  • Wloclawek – 371
  • Bialystok County – 369

The elevated position of Warsaw and cities such as Wrocław, Rzeszów, Krakow and Łódź may come as a surprise. However, it should be remembered that mainly terraced houses with small plots of land are built in these urban centers. In the case of Rzeszów, which is not part of the group of six metropolises, the relatively large amount of free land for development helps. This is among other things the effect of the systematic expansion of the city.

You should also be aware that the results mentioned above are historically high and that the markets for new homes for sale in the voivodship towns have started to shrink quite rapidly for some time (due to, among other things, the limitations of the land availability). The sale of new and used homes over the next few quarters will certainly not be supported by a significant drop in the creditworthiness of potential buyers. This situation can also increase the share of terraced houses in the market supply.


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