Vats were hiding in the Canary Islands. Due to their activity, the State Treasury lost more than PLN 160 million

The boss of the Vatster gang, through which the Treasury lost around 160 million, was hiding with his closest collaborators in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. He rented a luxurious villa and lived in luxury. The idyll was interrupted by the officers of the Spanish Civil Guard, who detained the whole company. The criminals were followed by police officers from the “Shadow Hunters” group and the CBŚP board in Szczecin.

The necro-vats have defrauded millions. They “swapped” among other coffins

The creativity of criminals who defraud VAT returns knows no bounds. CBŚP and KAS officers arrested six people suspected of extorting …

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Pursued by European warrants Arrested vats could afford to escape anywhere in the world. The gang controlled several hundred companies which, operating within the framework of the so-called carousel, issued fictitious invoices, simulating construction, advertising and transport services. This cost factory depleted the state treasury by about PLN 160 million.

Cost donors have earned tens of millions of zlotys from this practice. While investigators from the West Pomeranian branch of the Organized Crime and Corruption Department of the National Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin they have secured assets worth more than PLN 40 millionvatsterom still has a lot of fortune.

Criminals considered being chased by police everywhere European Union doesn’t mean they have regrets. It turned out that they hid in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. The organizer of the scam was renting a luxurious villa. It is not known where the other six people lived. Certainly everyone was in constant contact with each other.

Services closed the plant, which produced up to 3 thousand. cigarettes per minute

Even 3,000 cigarettes per minute could be produced by criminal manufacture, discovered by CBŚP and KAS in Sztum poviat. In a good…

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International operation

The officers tracked down the vats CBSP from Szczecin and the group of “shadow hunters”. How? This remains a mystery, although very often those prosecuted are caught in the act of trying to contact family or friends. They provided the Spanish services with information on the likely whereabouts of the wanted persons.

On the basis of the European investigation order issued by the prosecutor of the “pezetas” of Western Pomerania, agents of the Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) searched several properties, including the villa of the boss of the group. They arrested seven wanted people and seized documents, telephones and computers from tanks. The activities in Spain have been distributed in cooperation with Europol and Eurojust.

At the same time, CBŚP police officers arrested three other people in the Łódzkie and Śląskie voivodships. All were charged with money laundering and two of them were also involved in an organized criminal group. Suspect may be up to 10 years old the jails.

The prosecutor decided that in the case of all three, real estate guarantees of PLN 50,000 would be a sufficient preventive measure. PLN and police surveillance combined with a ban on contacting co-suspects.

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The police took a few cars from the criminals, but it is not known if this one too (photo: CBŚP)
The police took a few cars from the criminals, but it is not known if this one too (photo: CBŚP)

The penitent vats pay their fraudulent taxes. They are counting on lighter sentences

The West Pomeranian “pezetas” of the National Prosecutor’s Office charged 17 people who, with the help of false invoices, understated their profits or dealt with …

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200 suspects in the mega-investigation

In the three-year survey of the “pezetas” of West Pomerania, it already appears in total nearly 200 suspects, to whom the prosecutor presented nearly 700 charges (124 people have been charged with participating in an organized criminal group, and 6 people are suspected of leading one). A preventive measure in the form of custody.

Among those involved in the gang’s activities were, among others, a Silesian lawyer and a brutal murderer. The former were charged with having committed three crimes, including obstruction of proceedings. For this, he faces up to eight years in prison.

The aforementioned murderer was convicted in the late 1980s for the brutal murder of a married couple and their landlord. After the crime, he burned the bodies to cover the tracks. In the gang, he was responsible for overseeing the responsible “poles” of the companies that were the so-called missing taxpayer.

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Triple killer and lawyer in the vatster gang

CBŚP action in four provinces. 16 people heard the charge in connection with the gang that defrauded the VAT.

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Secure assets

Assets seized during the investigation included property (including a leisure facility covering over 3 hectares, including a pub, restaurant and pond), luxury cars, cash in various currencies, cash in bank accounts, jewelry, cosmetics equipment, toys and electronic equipment, household appliances and audio/video devices.

Using the powers provided by the amendment to the anti-covid law, the prosecutor of “pezetas” handed over some of these things to Szczecin hospitals and the police. This provision makes it possible to transfer seized items to epidemic control institutions free of charge in the event of an epidemic threat or epidemic.

Health facilities received, among other things, toys, a sterilizer, a medical bed and a masseur. Law enforcement received cars. All with a total value of more than 3 million PLN.

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