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Over the past 2 years, as our homes have become the center of life, the way we spend time there has fundamentally changed. Therefore, household appliances have also evolved – from ordinary devices to the role of real assistants in everyday life.

According to a recent survey of reasons for buying appliances in 2022, more than 60% of Millennials and Gen Z respondents indicated that their last appliance purchase was due to needs other than simple convenience. replacement of a defective product. This percentage has increased by 10% in the last 3 years alone, indicating that devices must go beyond mere functionality and must provide real and practical value to meet consumer needs. Therefore, we are currently expanding the Samsung Bespoke product portfolio and invite you to participate in the Bespoke Home experience.

With the introduction of the Bespoke concept in 2019, Samsung Digital Appliances ushered in a whole new era of personalized home appliances that transcended the conventional paradigms hitherto dominant in the industry. Rather than focusing solely on technology and functionality, the Bespoke concept also takes into account the different needs, tastes and lifestyles of customers, pushing the home appliance category to evolve to the next level. Following the positive feedback we received at last year’s inaugural Bespoke Home event, this year we will expand on our design heritage and deliver even more value to consumers with our home appliance products.

Behind the scenes of Bespoke Home

At Bespoke Home 2021, we showcased the Bespoke vision and offering personalized appliances for the whole home. Since then, Bespoke products have appeared in 50 markets around the world and received numerous design awards, including CES Innovation, iF Design and IDEA 2021. Since its launch, nearly 2 million Bespoke refrigerators have been sold in the world, of which almost 70% in the Korean market were custom models.

Launched in 2021, the Bespoke vision evolved until we presented it at Bespoke Home 2022, and we can sum it up in three key phrases: expansion of space, experience and time. These three ideas are at the heart of Bespoke Home 2022, a home concept that goes beyond the conventional home appliance experience.

Personalized space thanks to the diversified Bespoke offer

By offering “tailor-made” appliances, we give priority to supporting users in creating a personalized home space that will truly reflect their tastes and aesthetics, contributing to a change in the perception of everyday life at home. home.

Ultimately, as the possibilities for using home space expand, Samsung Bespoke devices will be available in more than 20 whole-home product categories. The goal of this process is to provide users with a more personalized and comfortable home solution that can more than meet their changing needs over time.

In addition to all-new products and enhanced features of Bespoke Home 2022 appliances, there will also be a variety of color and finish options, allowing users to express their changing tastes and have more options for interior decoration.

In addition, we are introducing a new category in the Bespoke family: the highest quality Infinite Line kitchen appliances with a timeless design that adapt to individual kitchen habits.

Connectivity at the heart of every innovation

The second Bespoke Home 2022 slogan – expansion experience – refers to the extension not only of the capabilities of the products themselves, but also of the whole range of advantages: comfort, modernity and communication possibilities that users can enjoy. through the SmartThings Home Life app.

SmartThings Home Life is the control center for custom-tailored home appliances in six key areas: cooking, energy management, clothing care, pet care, air quality improvement and home monitoring. Consumers can use them according to their preferences and interests using various Samsung devices, including smartphones, tablets and Family Hub refrigerators.

SmartThings Home Life is designed to maximize synergies between devices that perform daily tasks, and the release date for this integrated service will be announced at the Bespoke Home 2022 event.

Our overarching goal is to provide users around the world with the ability to experience every moment more fully, instead of focusing on the usual daily household activities.

Sustainable products and ecology

The third pillar of Bespoke’s vision is time expansion, ie extending the life of the product. The slogan refers to the idea of ​​”everyday ecology” that Samsung presented at CES 2022. We strive to ensure that respect for the environment is the starting point of everything we do. Resource saving and environmental awareness when creating innovations are integrated into all aspects of the product life cycle – from production and delivery to use and disposal. Thus, consumers can live a more balanced daily life while enjoying new experiences.

Innovations at the product design stage help us reduce waste and achieve continuously increasing recycling rates. We have reduced the printing of paper manuals and our eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials can be reused at home for a variety of purposes. During the product life phase, our energy efficient solutions – such as the Digital Inverter compressor in refrigerators and the EcoBubble system in washing machines – reduce energy consumption by 67% and 53% respectively.[1][2] The SmartThings Energy app extension helps users use their devices in a more eco-friendly way.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that in our major markets, we are offering consumers extended warranties on certain critical equipment components.[3] We understand that the more durable the product, the less frequently it needs to be replaced and that is why we intend to continue to design devices that not only look good, but also are reliable, so that respect for the environment is an issue. key in everyday life. After 2022, Samsung will continue to strive to meet user needs while ensuring sustainable development.

We know that appliances are not only an essential part of home furnishings, but also of everyday life and routine tasks. As a leading global brand, Samsung will continue to develop its products, services and innovations to give users the opportunity to adapt the design and functionality of equipment to individual expectations, to provide a new experience of using the domestic space and products that adapt to the lifestyle of in harmony with the eco spirit.

By showcasing new products at Bespoke Home 2022, we are taking another step towards implementing our vision of an eco-friendly personalized home with appliances integrated into the Bespoke Home ecosystem, in line with people’s preferences and needs. each user.

Jae Seung Lee

President and Director of Digital Devices Department of Samsung Electronics

[1] The electricity consumption of the Samsung refrigerator (built-in, with freezer) has been reduced by approximately 67% between 2000 (first introduction in Europe) and 2020. Comparison of models to calculate the electricity consumption per liter of net capacity (on the basis of the EU energy label) is the SL39SP3/XEU offered in 2000 and the RB37R5**R** sold in 2020.

[2] The power consumption of the Samsung washing machine (drum type) has been reduced by approximately 53% between 2011 (entry into force of the new energy regulations in Europe) and 2020. Compared models allow calculation of the power consumption (based on of the European Energy Report efficiency index) are WF0704L7W marketed in 2011 and WW12R640U0M available in 2020.

[3] Components of washing machines and refrigerators sold in the EU are guaranteed for up to 20 years. Washing machines sold in the United States are eligible for a 20-year component warranty.

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