What is electrosmog? How to eliminate it?

Electrosmog is an unnatural phenomenon caused by many anthropogenic factors. Electromagnetic smog increases the use of household appliances and power lines. What causes electrosmog?

Electrosmog, or electromagnetic smog, is the radiation of an electromagnetic wave with different operating frequencies. Electrosmog is produced even when using a cell phone or refrigerator. How to protect yourself from it?

The causes of electrosmog

Technological and industrial development contributes to many changes in human life, which are not necessarily harmless to us. One of the phenomena is electrosmog caused by excessive electromagnetic radiation. Unfortunately, huge amounts of radiation have serious negative effects and consequences. Electrosmog is created as a result of human activity, and more specifically when using smartphones that are difficult to part with, laptops and computers, televisions and refrigerators.

Electrosmog is also influenced by broadcasting stations, power lines and speed cameras. Electromagnetic smog results not only from anthropogenic effects but also from natural effects. The most common causes of this type are excessive solar and cosmic radiation, lightning and phenomena that occur inside the earth.

Is electrosmog harmful?

The use of basic communication equipment today is something normal and necessary, but it is worth remembering the negative effects of their operation. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to distinguish the impact of other atmospheric pollutants from the phenomenon of electrosmog, and the effects of its functioning are still under study and still unknown.

It is said that electrosmog can affect the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems and cause brain and bone marrow changes. Like most anthropogenic phenomena, electrosmog can contribute to the development of cancers and even fetal dysfunction.

Protection against electrosmog

The main causes of electrosmog emissions include improperly selected electrical equipment. Some microwaves and stoves may have invisible effects at first, so it is not recommended to stay in the room for a long time during operation. Keep in mind that even switched off electrical appliances that are plugged into an outlet emit electromagnetic fields, so unplug extension cords, hair dryers, chargers and lamps when not in use.

Protection against electrosmog it also consists of not holding the device close to your head, so when you sleep, put the phone on the table and do not make long phone calls before going to bed

Sensitivity to electrosmog

There are many studies and speculations about the impact of electrosmog on the human body. Some people claim that electrical appliances make them vulnerable or even hypersensitive. People allegedly hypersensitive to electromagnetic factors complain of headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration, skin changes and palpitations. Research conducted by scientists does not clearly indicate that these symptoms are solely related to the electromagnetic field.

The knowledge about sensitivity to electrosmog It is still not enough, so there are no clear opinions on this. It is said that electrosmog is mainly exposed to children who, due to their low body weight, absorb more radiation than adults.

Elimination of electrosmog

Despite the rather hazy effects of electrosmog, its potential effects should be ruled out. For this purpose, you can use short wires and automatic circuit breakers, shielded wires and cables, remove the unused plug from the socket and choose a suitable location for the distribution box. The effect of electrosmog can also be inhibited by using an appropriate paint for the walls. It is a product that absorbs the electromagnetic field emitted by everyday devices. Also, decorate the house with lots of pollution-fighting flowers and plants, and furnish the beds so that they are as far away from the outlet as possible.

There are also special mats, mattresses and other products that they have eliminate electrosmog and its negative effects. Along with the growing concern for our health, the number of modern products eliminating electrosmog is also increasing. Protection against electromagnetic fields must be ensured by ferrite beads which absorb waves and block external currents, detox patches, crisps and even food supplements.

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