EKF: technologies have proven their effectiveness in maintaining business continuity

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Social, economic and geopolitical challenges abound in situations that are difficult to predict and require creativity in finding solutions. Whether the recipe for crises is increasingly advanced technology was debated by experts – business practitioners during the debate “Technology versus the unexpected. How business reality management is changing- does she?”

The debate, which took place on the second day of the European Financial Congress in Sopot, was chaired by Łukasz Świerżewski, member of the board of the Polish News Agency. During the conference, experts – practitioners from the business world – discussed the importance of technology for the efficiency of business enterprises, the new functions of technological solutions and their impact on the business models of companies.

“Today, technology is not only a tool to compete and win in the market, but also a fuse, it is necessary for companies to operate safely even in the most difficult situations and for the evolution of the market, geopolitical, hygienic and sanitary conditions do not stop us” – underlined Łukasz Świerżewski.

He gave the example of Ukrinform, a Ukrainian news agency that continued operations after the Russian invasion because it moved its cloud computing infrastructure outside of Ukraine.

According to experts, recent years have proven the effectiveness of technology as a tool for maintaining business continuity. Thanks to technological solutions, during the pandemic, people could work from home, connect with the company and operate computer systems remotely. Businesses were running and the economy was turning, but not at the usual speed.

According to Wojciech Pantkowski, Vice Chairman of the Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa (KIR) Board of Directors responsible for Internet Services and Sales, transformation starts in the head. We must think of common solutions, take advantage of synergies and build solutions not just for the financial sector.

“The pandemic has shown that we are going with the “lighthouse of education” towards other sectors, setting up electronic signature, archiving, the green economy. You don’t have to build everything from scratch – you can use solutions like blockchain or cloud. We have been creating solutions for 30 years, for example those that help with instant payments,” said Wojciech Pantkowski.

Participants in the debate discussed how to effectively increase the possibilities, skills and capabilities of companies in the field of technology, despite the rising costs of IT services and the exhaustion of the labor market of the best specialists, computer engineers and developers.

Paweł Bartusch, CIO of Santander Bank Polska SA, underlined the need to take the customer’s point of view.

“We try to plan and assess from his point of view. Customers were lured into the interaction system, we save login records, and the mobile channel >> broke << the Internet channel "- he noted.

According to experts, thanks to technology, some companies are able to grow faster than ever in times of crisis. One example is e-commerce, i.e. online commerce, which has flourished during the pandemic as customers sitting at home were buying because they accessed these stores through websites.

It is therefore necessary to build holistic solutions. Entire processes need to be digitized so that for a customer who, for example, starts buying on a website, everything can be done remotely.

The experts also underlined that it is worth investing in all the solutions allowing the proper functioning of the company in the digital dimension: artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud technologies or tools known until now only to specialists, like blockchain.

“Let us replace, as far as possible, human labor with artificial intelligence. This is possible in a growing number of industries. Today even a journalist can sometimes be replaced by a machine,” said Łukasz Świerżewski.

The European Financial Congress takes place from June 6 to 8 in Sopot.

Source of information: PAP

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